The finalists for The Times Higher Education Asia Awards 2022 are announced!Five universities from Thailand were shortlisted

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THE finalists for THE times Higher Education Asia Awards 2022 have been announced!THE Times Higher Education Awards, THE oscars of higher education, was launched in 2005 and has been a prestigious event in UK higher education for 17 years.Now in its fourth year, the Asian Awards have 10 categories!There are 10 awards in this year’s Asian Awards, 8 of which require schools to declare themselves and provide relevant information and data.Annual international art excellence and innovation prize for strategic leadership and management team of the year award the annual award for outstanding students to support recruitment of students propaganda prize annual teaching strategy and annual technology innovation in the workplace of the year award times higher education data progress * (need not submit information) times higher education data social impact award * (no need to mentionChulalongkorn University Technology Innovation of the Year Outstanding Student Support Award Prince Songkhla University International Strategy Award Of the Year Kelle University Of Thailand Recruitment Promotion Award Of the Year Oriental University of Thailand Technology Innovation Award of the Year King Institute of Technology Times Higher Education Data Social Impact AwardTake a look at the five finalists!Chulalongkorn University chulalongkorn University, or CU for short, is the oldest university in Thailand and is respected as “the most prestigious university in the country”.The university is a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance and the 21st Century Academic Alliance. It is one of the top universities in Thailand and in many ways is regarded as a pioneer of higher education in Thailand, guiding the development of the country’s higher education and the development of some special disciplines.Chulalongkorn University is ranked 215 in the QS World University Rankings 2022, ranking the first university in Thailand in terms of overall strength.The university offers higher education at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels, with more than 30,000 students and many outstanding talents.Prince Songkhla University prince Songkhla University, founded in 1967, is a national comprehensive university in Songkhla Province, southern Thailand.Krirk University of Thailand (Krirk University) is one of the institutions under the Mutual Recognition Agreement of Higher education qualifications and degrees between China and Thailand.Founded in 1952 by Dr. Krirk Mangalabruks, a renowned educator at home and abroad, it is a comprehensive university of higher learning based in Thailand and radiating from China to ASEAN, with the right to grant master, master and erudite degrees. It takes scientific research as the leading role and features in cultivating senior applied talents.Oriental University of Thailand, located in Chonburi Province, 80 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, is a comprehensive university with more than 20,000 students.Oriental University ranks fifth in Thailand, among which, the School of Art is one of the oldest schools in the school, with the right to grant doctoral degrees.The university has three campuses and more than 800 teaching staff (500 of them are teaching and research staff).The school has first-class hardware facilities, and even has a large-scale aquarium.Every year, only the outstanding Thai and international students are qualified to enter the Oriental University for further study.In 1965, the Ministry of Education of Thailand will be three colleges, that is, Warm buri Telecommunications Institute, Pat Nakhon North Technical Institute and Tun Force technical Institute, unified name for the First emperor Institute of Technology, then the first Emperor Institute of technology is divided into three campuses.King Rama IX gave it the name “Technical Institute of the First Emperor” after King Rama IV.An education system has been established with engineering as the main force, supplemented by science, engineering, agriculture, construction and education.