Stick to the standard, waiting for flowers (Jian Hexagrams remarks on “to meet the time, back to choose the opportunity” patience

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Jian hexagrams, the hexagrams are stacked with different hexagrams, the lower one is gen, and the upper one is kan.Kan is water, gen is mountain.The mountain is high and the water is deep, and the difficulties are many.It is also said that the hexagrams are the key to getting through difficulties.Moreover, what is an appropriate “close call”?What is a respectable “sage preservation”?Blindly how to end up wrong, wise practice can be summed up in eight words: born to meet the time, retreat to choose the opportunity.Jian, refers to the difficult line.Jian Hexagrams are located behind jian Hexagrams. The Sequence of the Hexagrams explains: “It is difficult to be well-rounded, so it is jian.Jian, difficult also.”Difficulties and obstacles are bound to arise after the eyes depart, which is exactly the meaning of Jian.The following interpretation of the six hexagrams in jian :(1) the original standby, jian to reputation.The sixth, to Jian, to reputation.”Elephant” said: “Jian, to honor,” appropriate to stay.Go forward will meet jian difficult, come back will be praised.Go, go up.Come on, go back down, go back down.The sixth day to Yin Yang, quality and have a restless heart, jian difficult in the world of the initial, in the way of behavior facing two possible: one is to, one is back.But, in terms of its predictable consequences, it is inevitable to get stuck in trouble, and to return to where it was, to be praised.This is because, the sixth and sixty-four should not be, and sixty-four and in the dangerous land, adventure forward, into the dangerous, is bound to be more and more deeply, cannot extricate themselves.In this case, the wise approach is to measure strength, “see the risk and can stop”, inhibit the restless state of mind, stop in situ, static waiting, so that “‘ to Jian, to reputation ‘, should also be”.Reading the sixth day has no power to cross obstacles, but his ability to foresee is very strong, so not to the edge of danger, they know risk and retreat.This kind of retreat to reduce their losses, naturally will be praised by people.In real life, we often see some timid people, this kind of person actually has advantages, that is, to be able to anticipate the danger as early as possible and do not suffer losses.(2) Bandits bow to rescue each other and share difficulties together.Sixty-two, Wang Jian Jian, bandits bow.”Elephant” said: Wang Jian Jian, eventually no you also.Kings are down, not for their own sake.”Bandit Bow” means to strive forward regardless of personal danger.Sixty-two is jian difficult situation in the world, but did not choose the “risk and can stop” behavior, but regardless of personal safety, forge ahead, the result makes the situation jian and jian, difficult and difficult.In spite of this, he was still at ease and uncomplaining.62’s practice is to fulfill the lofty moral responsibility, showing the selfless, brave to assume the style.Configuration from the hexagram, LiuEr soft and, at the minister, and zhou just married the king shall be, Jian difficult in the world, to the tail from wagging the dog, maintain the overall interests, sharing weal and woe, work together, to bear so Jian difficult task, so it is “Wang Chenjian Jian, bandits of bow the property”, not for a suit, but the difficult of him, taking risks,To fulfill an obligatory moral responsibility.When a moderate, should be ninety-five, jian, will ultimately have no worries.This is to tell people that in times of adversity, bandits save each other, achieve each other, together.(three) life to meet the time, back to choose the opportunity.Nine three, jian, to reverse.Everything you can think of, and everything you can think of.Down, to reverse: progress forward will meet difficulties, should be reversed to return to its place.- Nine three Yang vigorous, in between the internal and external two trigrams, if to progress, will enter the external trigrams risk, the future is difficult.On the contrary, if you come back and return to gen, you will delight the inner and outer Yin lines and be at peace with yourself.According to the line, Jiusan and Shangliu are positive responses, but Shangliu is above the kanzi, so it is weak in quality and cannot provide strong responses. Therefore, this positive response relationship will only cause oneself to fall into a dilemma, so there is no need to take the initiative to seek for assistance.In addition, 93 itself on the gua gen body, concentrated on the “risk and can stop” jian road.Stop and go back to the original position, for the following two Yin yao did an example, so that they feel to emulate, rely on, set their mind at joy.This warns people, when jian difficult, rather than risk, in order to xing (with “xing”) victory, than retreat, in order to safety.Not only their own well-being, but also the joy of their companions.(four) stick to the standard, waiting for flowers.Six four, jian, to connect.”Elephant” said: “To jian, even”, when a real also.No one is up at all, no one is back at all.Jian hexagram six yao, only 64 in the most difficult situation.This is because 64 has stepped into the dangerous place of the hexagrams, Yin Yao in Yin position, although with the justice of saving the world, but not enough to help the danger, can only get more and more deeply, difficult to extricate themselves;Regression, and faced over 93 above the dilemma, with soft by just, not auspicious.Sixty-four times by masculine, before and in danger, so there are risks, forward and backward have lost the basis, in a dilemma.In this regard, “The elephant” gives the practice is “when the reality also”.If the shade is in the shade, the sixth and fourth should be in the right position, and should keep their own place, neither advancing nor retreating.Stick to the standard, natural state of mind, unsurprised, in the face of heavy difficulties and obstacles, take it calmly, maintain “indifferent mingzhi, quiet zhiyuan” independent strong personality.Nature is bad, jian difficult world is a temporary phenomenon, and for the change of the great environment only wait.The advantage of sticking to one’s own standard is that the difficulties one encounters will be resolved by changing circumstances, so the “practical” approach is the wisest choice.”Jian” hexagrams their inability to get out of danger, if blindly to will be more in-depth difficulties, so with nine and three lines of solid cooperation, the establishment of a united front, unite all can unite the forces, change the contrast between the forces of the enemy and me, help wait for the flowers, out of trouble in the future.For example, in The Three Kingdoms period, after The death of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang’s first consideration was to establish a united front and restore the alliance with The Eastern Wu.Zhuge Liang won a series of victories because he did not have any worries at his back and captured Meng Huo seven times.(5) Virtue is not lonely, and good deeds have much support.The ninth five, Jian, friends.”Elephant” yue: “jian, friends to”, in the section also.When times are tough, friends come to help.The ninth Five are not small jian, but big Jian.Nine five live in the kan, kan insurance to develop to the peak stage, the objective situation is extremely optimistic;From the subjective point of view, nine – five in the supreme position, control the overall situation, a system of the world’s security.Therefore, the environment is not good, also can not shirk responsibility, isolation, and must be reluctant to overcome difficulties, painstakingly manage, make great efforts, bear pressure beyond ordinary people.But because nine five uphold just in virtue, with 62 soft in the minister cooperate tacit understanding, maintain yang-just in the integrity, appropriate measures, hair “friends come” good effect, won many like-minded friends come to help.Kong Yingda “Zhouyi justice” : “get in, not easy its section.”The line warns people, the truth of righteousness and support, adhere to the moral integrity, good deeds and love, virtue is not lonely, there will be neighbors.6. Follow the sage and pull together the raging waves.On six, to Jian, to shuo, Ji.Meet your excellency.”Elephant” said: “Jian, to master”, chi also inside.See your excellency, from the expensive also.No one is at war, no one at home, no one at home.At the end of the six jian, there is no way forward, and then forward will only be jian difficult again;Return to the inside, corresponding with 935 Yin and Yang, and can pro than in 955 just in the “adult”, get strong support, the situation is favorable.On six dangerous difficult extremely, go to then dangerous extremely, if turn head together with nine five pull time difficulty, can have rich result — difficult past, auspicious.In order to adapt to this situation, the sixth one should adjust his mind, turn inward instead of outward, and focus on the assistance of internal forces. In addition, he should be obedient to the ninth five, who is a noble monarch.In the state of mind to achieve “chi also” “from the expensive also”, so that the subjective in line with the objective, it will be able to turn the danger into safety, to obtain good luck.The luck of the sixth is to be able to return when there is no way out.Like a tribal disaster, six escaped from it, but he found that there was no disaster in front, but there was no way out.Under such circumstances, he returned to the disaster area to unite with everyone to fight against the disaster.”Many people have great strength, people of one mind mount Tai moves”, six return to increase the strength of the disaster, of course auspicious.