Report immediately approve!Qinzhou Port area is the first guangxi special equipment use registration intelligent approval

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On February 16, qinzhou Port Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone (HEREINAFTER referred to as Qinzhou Port Area) held a launching ceremony of intelligent approval system for special equipment use registration.After the system went online, it replaced manual examination and approval with computer automatic examination and approval, replaced paper certificates with electronic certificates, and realized “7×24” round-the-clock automatic online registration of special equipment use, which was the first in Guangxi.Special equipment use registration intelligence examination and approval system launching ceremony special equipment use intelligent examination and approval system mainly aims at the review points of different kinds of special equipment set up intelligence examination and approval rules, using technologies such as OCR (optical character recognition) automatically identify the information in the test report and other supporting materials, information and application form for automatic alignment, automatic information consistent approval pending,Automatically generate electronic license, and automatically push the equipment registration information to Qinzhou data center.Before the system goes online, every special equipment is registered, the window staff needs to review 5 ~ 8 pieces of materials to ensure the equipment information is effective and accurate. After the approval, multiple certificates such as registration certificate and use mark should be printed offline, with the speed of half an hour or half a day.System after launch, “group”, and provide close “24 hours” online services using special equipment registration for examination and approval of intelligent operation demonstration at present, the stock of qinzhou port area has more than 10000 sets of special equipment, more than 80% of the whole city, covering the pressure vessel, pressure pipes, elevators, lifting equipment, become the most species, such as motor vehiclesEspecially as key projects such as Huayi, Jingui Phase II and Zhongwei have been started and put into operation, the number of equipment registration shows explosive growth. Taking Huayi Phase I Industrial Gas Island project as an example, more than 700 sets of special equipment need to be registered at the same time when only two tanks are put into operation.After the launch of the intelligent approval system for the use and registration of special equipment, it will alleviate the problem of insufficient approval personnel, provide efficient registration services for enterprises, effectively guarantee the safe use of special equipment, and serve the development of green chemical industry, port and navigation logistics and other leading industries in Qinzhou Port area.Source: Wechat official account of Qinzhou Port Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone