I want to Be your brother

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Ye Xiaowen did not answer Gaoyang, cattle late night on the roadside called Ye Xiaowen, let him sit his father’s car home together, also let Ye Xiaowen do not sum gaoyang mixed together, Ye Xiaowen who did not reason, straight away.Gao Yang and Ye Xiaowen are still in the cold war, Gao Yang deliberately in front of Ye Xiaowen cynical, Ye Xiaowen is silent.That day When Ye Xiaowen was training on the playground, he suddenly had a leg cramp. He slowed down a little and continued to run.Gao Bin could not find Ye Xiaowen at home, he sent Gao Yang to call Ye Xiaowen, Gao Yang perfunctorily shouted to the playground downstairs, did not tube Ye Xiaowen heard did not hear back.Ye Xiaowen came back from the playground in the evening, after training, he also continued to write rocket class multiple exam questions, Gaoyang went to bed.Golds asleep asleep suddenly heard a groan of Ye Xiaowen, he bed discovered Ye Xiaowen leg cramps, he hurriedly help Ye Xiaowen stretch, he said he know Ye Xiaowen want to go to Beijing university, but also worried about the expensive tuition, gao Yang let Ye Xiaowen trust, even if he can’t win the race, gao will be for him to go to school, Ye Xiaowen said he didn’t want to trouble others,He wants to go to Beijing Institute of Technology is not only for himself, but also for the children of welfare homes. He wants to be able to help the children of welfare homes to go to school.Da-wei dong gao office, let gao later don’t again to his own home, gao not angry, he see da-wei dong the initiative to find he’s very pleased, he apologized to da-wei dong, said he found out why da-wei dong was later fight, the in the mind is very guilty, he delayed his future da-wei dong expelled from the track team, now what you can’t help da-wei dong,Just hope dong Dawei have any difficulty can find oneself, Dong Dawei silent, what also did not say then left.Vice President of the students of class in the rocket sent yet another set of papers, but the Ye Xiaowen to examination paper there are some problem is not clear, he wanted to see if the examination paper of other students, but the rockets class atmosphere is very depressed, the classmate let Ye Xiaowen to ask teacher, Ye Xiaowen looking at nearby classmates, are watching with rapt attention examination papers, he embarrassed to ask again.He went to the office to find the teacher to ask, just met Mr Wu, Mr Wu see Ye Xiaowen do not want to trouble others, they persuaded him to learn to find help, but Ye Xiaowen left.Golds thinking of Ye Xiaowen things after class, secretly send note to m, ask her to the orphanage, know the situation of the welfare home is very poor, many walked out of the welfare of children grow up, will be back to the orphanage to help other children Ye Xiaowen particularly understand the kindness again, always think about when I grow up to return to help him, he is not willing to iron before the original,I just don’t want to trouble any more people.Gaoyang left and right, regardless of still in class, ran to the rocket class to find Ye Xiaowen, he told Ye Xiaowen, he can afford the responsibility of Ye Xiaowen, he is Ye Xiaowen, he now put his pocket money ye Xiaowen half, later to make money, pay ye Xiaowen half, Ye Xiaowen some moved.Ye Xiaowen finally figured it out, he does not like the atmosphere of the rocket class, put forward to return to class three, class three students also welcome Ye Xiaowen back, Ye Xiaowen also finally admitted that Gao Yang and others are their friends.Dong Dawei met big chapter brother in the billiards room, big chapter brother is not Dong Dawei this is still in school little bludger, but the real social brother, big chapter brother before put forward to let Dong Dawei do not go to school, to see the field for themselves, but Dong Dawei did not promise, said he still decided to first college entrance examination.Ye Xiaowen and Mi Jia are about to compete, Gao Yang and Jin Beibei are thinking about how to cheer for two people, Kim Beibei also told Mi Jia, she took the champion, and surprise waiting for her.Gold beibei want to lead the cheerleaders to mijia Ye Xiaowen refueling, but the cattle late is already the leader of the cheerleaders, but also provoke gold beibei said have the ability to compete, gold beibei although unconvinced, but her dance is not as late as the cattle.