A limited encore for Valentine’s Day?Sun Shangxiang Zhang Liang new skin raid, the Spring Festival skin formal price

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Love life, love games, hello, I’m Dumb.I look forward to your attention and I will share more interesting updates here.Preface: in this activity during the Spring Festival, the official went back two limit skin, chang yi are like a dream, although the skin’s price is not high, but they also have a certain value of collection, after all, the two skin very unpopular, it also means to buy the two players are fewer skin, because of this, the two skin only collect value.But after a period of time is the Valentine’s Day, a lot of players are also guessing this year’s Valentine’s day limited skin, in fact, basically has been determined, this year’s skin arrangement to yaoyao princess and Yunzhong Jun, but there are recent news, it is said that valentine’s Day limited skin return, and Houyi Chang ‘e’s Rumengling is to make up the numbers.In addition, Sun shangxiang also has news of a new skin, but this skin is not of high quality.In addition, with the end of the Spring Festival activities, the price of skin has also started to rise.Ok, without further ado, let’s learn about it.Valentine’s Day skin encore?First, let’s take a look at this year’s Valentine’s Day. It’s said that there will be a limited skin encore, which is not without the possibility, and the topic has been hotly debated recently.Just some time ago the king of glory and QQ car made a wave of linkage, according to the official news can be learned that Xiaoqiao’s pure white flower married and Zhou Yu’s true love to the general will directly join the QQ car, this wave linkage although the king of glory side and not too much activity content, but at that time there are some exclusive props exposure.Is a hero who could defeat some special effects, return effects such as skin’s exclusive items, you can consult when Li Baifeng begged burn back, these exclusive properties can be obtained at the time of the lottery link, that is to say, little white flowers marry back, should also and chicken for burn back is the same, you can consult.Some time ago, sun Shangxiang officially revealed his new skin, which is a game command star skin, the lowest price is only 18.8, but you need to watch the professional game every week, or turn on the game and put it aside, let it play itself, so you can also get the experience of game command.When you reach level 80, you will receive a new set of Sun Shangxiang star Skin.The image of this skin is still very good to look at, but unfortunately it is only a brave skin, otherwise I think it must be a blast.You can check it out if you want, but the new tournament order is not available yet.In addition, there is a national e-sports exclusive skin game skin, according to the news some time ago to see this skin to Zhang Liang, because before the exposure of Zhang Liang new skin appearance sound.According to some official information, this skin may be available on February 11, usually this skin will have an exclusive mission, as long as you complete all the missions can return all points, another way to think of it, universal esports exclusive skin is a free epic skin.In addition, with the end of the Spring Festival activities, the price of the limited skin in the Year of the Tiger will be adjusted back. Now the discount price of the first week has officially ended, and the price of all skins will return to the original price, that is to say, the two legends of Lu Ban Vii and Pei Jiaohu need 1788 points, and the limited price of other epics needs 888 points.If you don’t buy it in the first week, it’s not worth it. Now you need to think about whether it’s worth it. If you’re not a hero, there’s no need to buy it, or compare it to the other skins of the hero, and then decide whether it’s worth it.Summarize: now, could have really limited skin back for valentine’s day, especially the pure white flowers occasion to marry, the probability is very high, after all, before the official has suggested that in addition to this, sun shangxiang and zhang liang has a new skin, you can consider whether to proceed with, but the current limit the year of the tiger skin has formally, at this time also want to start with the player requires attention.Ok, that’s all for this article. Do you have any other views?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.