Zhengzhou man 5 minutes to drink a bottle of liquor, rescue 20 hours did not wake up, the person is how drunk?

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What is the concept of drinking a bottle of erguotou in 5 minutes?Twenty hours after the rescue, he still did not wake up.According to media reports, around 11 o ‘clock in the morning of February 17, a middle-aged man wearing a black cotton-padded jacket walked into a restaurant, which is located in the middle street of No.4 National Cotton Factory in Zhengzhou, which is a local common street restaurant.The man randomly ordered a few dishes, and ordered a bottle of “ox 2”.To his surprise, the man finished the whole bottle while waiting for the food and then asked the waiter for another bottle.According to the hotel manager, the man only drank the first bottle of “ox er” in five minutes.Before the second bottle was finished, the man fell asleep on the table.After drinking, the man kept his head down and stared at his glass. It seemed that he was in trouble because he was a guest and the waiter could not ask more questions.At about 1:30 p.m., the waiter asked the man if he wanted to pay for the meal, but the man did not say anything.When asked about his family, the man still said nothing and shed tears.Later the man ran to the hotel back hall, simply find a spacious lying down to sleep.The hotel thought it had met someone who ate “overlord meal” and called the police.After the police arrived at the scene, the man was still lying on the ground as drunk as a muddle, occasionally vomiting, the hotel can only dial 120, the man was sent to the nearby Zhengzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine by ambulance.The man has been in a coma since he entered the emergency room at 2 PM, during which time he also vomited from time to time, vomited blood, convulsed all over his body, and even stopped his heartbeat and breathing for a time. After 20 hours of rescue, the man still did not wake up.Doctors in charge of the treatment said they would do their best to save the man out of humanitarian concerns, but his condition is not optimistic.The hospital called the police several times to ask for information about the man, and the police tried to identify the man through face recognition technology, but the man could not open his eyes properly, so they could only send several people to the nearby investigation, but found nothing.At present, the hospital is trying to rescue the man, police through other channels to identify the man, as soon as possible to contact his family.The amount of alcohol is born, the effect of exercise is very small Zhengzhou man is likely to be upset just one breath to drink so much alcohol, from the man’s performance after drinking alcohol in general, can not withstand so much alcohol stimulation.The author appeals here, no matter encounter again big difficult problem, also do not “drink to drown one’s sorrows”, do not help to solve the problem at all!Some netizens asked why they had seen others drinking as if they were drinking water, and if they were really exceptional.Indeed, some people are born dionysian!In 2007, a young woman named Liu Jing became an Internet sensation, not because she was beautiful or talented, but because she could drink too much.She once drank 3 bottles of 52-degree white wine, 3 bottles of beer and 1 bottle of red wine at one go. Every time she drank at a party, her friends fell asleep on the table. She was the only one who ate vegetables and drank, so her friends called her “contemporary wine fairy”.Oddly, a blood test taken after liu had been drinking showed an alcohol level of 432mg/100ml, more than four times the drink-driving limit, but She was clearly thinking and did not stagger.What could account for such a wide gap in drinking capacity?In modern science, every Dionysian is endowed with a special liver.When stimulated by alcohol, the liver secretes two special enzymes, alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.Alcohol in the blood is broken down into acetaldehyde when it encounters alcohol dehydrogenase. Acetaldehyde is more “toxic” than ethanol, about 10 times as much as the latter, which is also one of the reasons why people feel bad after drinking.Under the influence of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, part of acetaldehyde after decomposition will be decomposed into acetic acid, part of acetic acid after human metabolism into water and carbon dioxide, part of the body involved in fat synthesis.These two enzymes are secreted by everyone, but there is a deviation, which can be divided into three conditions: one is that ethanol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase can be secreted in time and sufficient;One is less of both enzymes;One has more of one enzyme and less of the other.Theory and reality have proved that only two enzymes exist at the same time and sufficient to resist alcohol “paralysis”, if only alcohol dehydrogenase is more than acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is less, then the decomposition of acetaldehyde in the body will accumulate more and more, stimulate the stomach, brain, vomiting, dizziness, headache and other symptoms.In addition, some people drink red face is also caused by acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde has the ability to dilate capillaries, and then make the face flushed, until the whole body skin flushing.Frequent drinking does increase the organ’s resistance to alcohol, but it does not determine the “production” of the two enzymes, meaning that the effect is negligible!A few additional kind of wine “effect” after drinking, wine is mixed with blood circulates ceaselessly, blood vessel dilate, blood flow increases, bring about material decomposition inside body to accelerate, let a person heat for a short time, drink to keep out cold is this reason.However, drinking alcohol can cause calories to be consumed too quickly and intensively, and after a period of time, you get chills and shivers.Some people have sex after drinking, because alcohol stimulates the central nervous system of the brain to release large amounts of dopamine.Dopamine produces feelings of lightness, excitement, recklessness, boldness and decreased control.While the brain may be awake, it becomes obsessed with the feeling and gets caught up in it and does something out of line.# Man 5 minutes to drink up a bottle of white wine coma # original: blog post