Zhenba Procuratorate: Make every effort to prepare for the national Examination

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On February 3, the third day of the first lunar month, Yang Hehe, secretary of the Party Group and acting chief Procurator of zhenba County People’s Procuratorate, went to Rencun town to supervise and inspect the preparations for the evaluation of the results of poverty alleviation.At the same time, acting Procurator-General Yang Hehe led all police officers to visit baofu village immediately, improve materials and publicize policies, and consolidate and enhance the satisfaction of the people, according to the spirit of promoting the video conference to effectively link the achievements of consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in the county.Young generation of the attorney general has successively to the kernel HuiLong Village village, the village fish ponds, eastern hospital, xinglong village, zhuang village community supervision inspection, every village to learn more about four team personnel arrive, the supervision of the special rectification, prevent Chinese data information monitoring, documents preparation, etc., reviewed the relevant documents, and the scene analysis on relevant issues,Put forward clear working opinions and requirements.In HuiLong Village, detailed understanding of the four teams arrive, concern about four teams in the difficulties and problems existing in the work life, requires four teams deepen the ideological understanding, in line with the attitude of responsible for the party committee, government attaches, attaches great importance to the evaluation work, further consolidate responsibilities, solid strong for the weak, the marking on the table, to ensure the rectification in place,We will ensure that no items are missed, reforms are thorough, and there is no backlash. We will evaluate the results of poverty alleviation with high quality.In Yangyitang Village, we reviewed in detail the data of the assessment after the consolidation of poverty alleviation achievements, and required us to summarize, prepare and sort out the archival data, and carefully examine the completeness, standardization and rationality of the archival data.To continue to do a good job in all kinds of data collection, data filling and verification work, to ensure that the data is true and accurate, to achieve consistent accounts, accounts consistent, logical accuracy.In dongyuan community, we had a detailed understanding of the preparation work, such as the evaluation report materials, interview outline, village table, cooperation and security plan after consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation.It is required to organize four teams and help cadres to restudy and retrain the new policies and new arrangements in an effective time, so as to consolidate the cohesion policies, village conditions, the situation of supporting households, and the measures of helping households.The interview outline should be detailed, simple and easy to remember, fully display the quality and efficiency of the work and the features and highlights, and plan the cooperation and guarantee work during the post-evaluation.In Xinglong Village, a detailed understanding of the work of “entering, knowing and understanding” is required to combine the activities of “entering, knowing and understanding” with the post-evaluation and inspection work, and organize the help staff to enter the village and household for the improvement of living environment sanitation, so as to improve the awareness of public policies and the satisfaction of the masses.We will ensure that rural households’ environment is dirty, chaotic and poor, that people are not aware of policies, and that people are not satisfied with them. We will further refine, implement, and improve our achievements in poverty alleviation.In Zhuangfang Village, we had a detailed understanding of the rectification work of county-level special supervision and feedback, consulted relevant information on the rectification and implementation of problems, and required timely filling up weak links and loopholes, strengthening and improving quality, sticking to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented and results-oriented approach, resolutely taking one example from another and addressing both the symptoms and root causes.Ensure that problems are not identified, rectification is not in place, and results are not up to the standard, and ensure that the rectification of feedback problems is in place.He pointed out that the assessment work after consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation has entered a state of imminent war.The current time is tight and there are many details, so town and village affairs need to attach great importance to it, resolutely overcome paralysis, strengthen overall planning of work, adhere to problem-oriented, layer upon layer of responsibility compaction, focus on key points and key points, and effectively do solid, detailed and accurate work.We will ensure that all preparatory work is effective and that good results are achieved in the evaluation of the country’s achievements in consolidating poverty alleviation.Editor: Jiang Qi; Zheng Libo