There are seven idioms from the Tao Te Ching, each full of philosophy, to help you understand life

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1. Permanence comes from the Tao Te Ching, chapter 7: “Because it is not self-born, it can live forever.””Life and day” is estimated to be the ceiling of longevity, high heaven longevity, long earth, because they never thought to grow, but can get eternal life.One of the most fundamental reasons for the longevity of heaven and earth is that they do not think of themselves as “born”. Without birth, there is no “death”.There is no distinction in my heart, no order, no inside and out, and no selfish concept. I can benefit others everywhere, and I will naturally get everyone’s support, thus achieving my own future.This idiom also explains the natural law that when things go to extremes, they will reverse themselves. If you pull a bow, when it is full, you cannot pull it any more, or it will be broken.The tension of any thing is limited, and when it is full, it will move towards its opposite.As the saying goes: “meritorious and modest yu, talented and dependable show shame.”That is to say, if you have made great contributions and are modest and prudent, you can live a safe life, while if you think you have talent and spread it around, you will be humiliated sooner or later.In ancient times, Fan Li retired three times. The first time he helped Gou Jian, king of Yue, overthrow the state of Wu. The second time he lost his wealth when he became a rich man in The state of Qi.Fan Li did not adhere to power and money, always indifferent to fame and wealth, after the death of nearly 100 years old.3, if the surprise comes from the Tao Te Ching. Chapter 13 “What is the meaning of favor and disgrace?For shame.Shame itself is mean, and no one likes shame.If a person is spoiled, he will panic, think how lucky he is, and immediately fear losing, so that he starts to lose sleep at night.Losing favor and panic, fearing loss of status and loss of interests, only increased a lot of anxiety.This is because we take fame and wealth too seriously, will be in the pet and disgrace, at the mercy of others.From the Tao Te Ching (Tao Te Ching), Chapter 15, “Don’t see it as simple, I see it as broad.”A person is open-minded and modest, tolerant of others’ opinions and good at listening to others’ suggestions.The valley gives people the feeling that it is deep and wide, there is nothing that it cannot contain, there is no difference, whether dirty or clean, it can accommodate, so that people will not have trouble and pain.As all rivers run into the sea, nurturing all things, will never dry up.5. Knowing the male and guarding the female comes from the Tao Te Ching.Male dynamic female static, male just female soft, male strong female weak.Knowing the advantages of being a male, yet maintaining the character of a weak one, able to keep the female quiet, willing to be subservient, humble, like a brook in a hollow, for the benefit of all things.Lao-tzu, seeing that the world often leads to disaster because of its fierce rivalry, advocated humility.If people do not have the idea of dominance, the heart will become honest and simple.Guarding female is not to become weak, but “a gentleman hides his tools in his body”, but can restrain humility, the real strong is always good at hiding their own edge, with people can always let people like spring breeze, they will not make enemies everywhere, let themselves into a dangerous situation.From the Tao Te Ching, Chapter 73, “The mill of God has long arms but sure arms.” Shuo Wen says, “The arms are long and great.”The vengeance of heaven is great and snared: he that regardeth good and evil, loses nothing.Though the net of Heaven is so vast and so thinly spaced that you can’t even see the point, nothing is missed.The “sky net” here refers to natural laws and natural laws, because it is very broad, seemingly wide and sparse, but there will be no leakage.Buddhism also said: “All dharma is empty, cause and effect is not empty.”People are bound by the laws of nature and social rules around, can not be arbitrary, reckless, no matter what to do, must follow the laws of nature, considering the consequences, do not take chances, or escape punishment.7, knowledge is not in danger from the Tao Te Ching. Chapter 44, “Contentment is not disgrace, knowledge is not in danger, can last long.” People know contentment, will not be humiliated.There is no danger when you know when to stop.Zhu Xi in the book “Notes on the Four Books” to “overdo it” such notes: overdo it, is not greedy.Greed will be excessive pursuit, people’s various instinctive desires, appetite, lust, excessive, will hurt their own.Any thing, neither too, nor less than, just right.Therefore, people should know “stop”, constantly cultivate their own mind, reasonable control of their desires, in order to happiness and peace.Give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends.