The festival atmosphere thick!American star athletes turned “artisans” winter Olympics village lanterns

2022-06-10 0 By

American Hockey player Hilary Knight, 32, is a two-time Olympic medalist and the all-time leading scorer in women’s World Hockey history.Even though she is already a star player, and this is not her first trip to China, she still acts like a curious baby when she arrives at the Village, poking around the shops.In addition to drying the game, drying laundry services, she and her teammates also turned into “craftsmen”, set up lanterns, so that the room filled with thick lunar New Year flavor.On February 12, Hilary Knight posted a video of herself in her room on instagram with the caption, “Spending a day making crafts in the Winter Olympics village.”Her teammates were shown sitting on the floor with their backs on a sofa, holding a large red lantern they were making, and instructions on the floor.The video received nearly 4,000 likes, with netizens saying “I love it”.On February 9, Hilary Knight posted a video of herself doing the laundry service at the Village, giving a thumbs-up and thanking the volunteers. The video received more than 130,000 likes.”When someone asks you to describe what it’s like to walk through the opening ceremony, all you can think of is’ wonderful ‘,” she said.Copyright works of overseas network, shall not be reproduced without authorization.