The 2022 Jiangsu TV Spring Festival Gala program is here!Liu Yuning zhou Shen sang

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The 2022 Jiangsu TV Spring Festival Gala program is here!It will be broadcast at 19:30 on February 1, the first day of Chinese New Year. Smart TV will download dangbei market and install Tencent video TV version to watch.The evening will inspire every ordinary striver with the story of self-improvement, pay tribute to the boiling life with the classic live performance, pay tribute to the hot era with the popular singing.2022 jiangsu TV gala program “powerful” performers: NAME convent festive drums performers: the tengger cheat cheat shout performers: Gu Bing team “dara collapse” anti cheat version of performers: changchun public security through the diffuse performers: lai meiyun, TV chicken snowflakes falling performers: zhou lu Chen of depth, powder ink performer:ChanWen, zhang yao and xiao-xu li emotional translator performers: and history by wang hao, zhang performers “105 ℃ love you” : the tengger Xiao performers: well oboro, fruit planet 闫永强 performers “dad tide to be bestowed favor on newly”, such as: big lock, tian-yu sun alishan girl performers: thanks to Yin: “little I” performers, king string “kara OK forever” performer:Dai li wang person “mother’s kiss” performers: xie Yin, dai li man, bright moon king, and string, I use the life guard you performer: mine better youth, is used to struggle of performers: jian-feng li, sonam dhargay, wudixt performers May 4th edition of space-time dislocation: weeks deep, Yang Hongji fireworks star performers: modern brothers yu-ning liu our great journey through life, the performer:Kenny bee movie hit spun performers: Kenny bee, modern brothers yu-ning liu “cocoa sea shepherd performers: britain-based authority light performers: Zhang Yashu wings of light performers: hard candy girl 303 – Mr Lin Nayi · high performers” something you just say “: Tina fei chin, Chen song of hometown performers: lower epicenter zhuoma performers” pilot “:Gong Shuang smart TV installation dangbei market download Tencent video TV version to watch the 2022 Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala.