Prosperity!Xuzhou Wangjie High School won the 2022 art exam

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A total of 7,300 students took the jiangsu Province music provincial unified entrance examination for students majoring in art in 2022, according to the results released by Xuzhou Wangjie Middle School in 2022.The school passed 100% of the provincial music examination, with the highest score of 218 points, ranking 134 in the province.More than 200 points 21 people, and into the province’s top 500, 190 points more than 42 people, the total average score of 186 points, a record high school wang Jie!The total number of candidates for the fine arts examination in Jiangsu province is 33,000.The school passed 100% of the provincial examination of fine arts, the highest score of 256 points, ranking 3100 in the province.More than 240 points 15 people, and into the province’s top 8000 rank, the total average score 233 points, a record high school wang Jie!With reference to the lowest entry grade line in 2021, students who have achieved excellent results in the provincial unified examination can refer to which colleges to apply for?As an ordinary high school, Xuzhou Wangjie Middle School has made great achievements in recent years, and has walked out of a characteristic road of “art College Entrance Examination”.It is worth mentioning that all the examinees who participated in the art examination have studied art courses systematically since entering high school. After nearly three years of training, they have achieved great achievements in the art examination.After three years of grinding, these students, whose scores were not among 6500 students in the city, have changed themselves and even changed their lives with this short time in high school.Among the schools that have been announced for the second round of the 2022 school entrance examination, this school has done very well.Communication University of China (CUC) has 5 applicants for three tests.8 students from Harbin Conservatory of Music (96 students from this major), 2 students from Music Performance Liuqin major (7 students from this major), and 2 students from bamboo flute major (16 students from this major) entered the second interview.From Nanjing University of the Arts, 49 students of music communication (262 students of this major in China), 54 students of musical instrument repair (259 students of this major in China), 11 students of recording art (192 students of this major in China) and 2 students of music performance entered the second interview.The good news continues to be updated…From picking up a brush to draw lines, to be able to complete a piece of work independently.Three years, thousands of exercises, gradually formed in the bit by bit progress.In the army of 33,000 art examination, won all into the good achievement of 8000.Not only art students, the “music class” of Wang Jie Middle School also relies on the specialty characteristics of ethnic Musical Instruments to explore a new mode of music college entrance examination.As Nietzsche said: every day without dancing is a betrayal of life.Today’s highlight comes from the days I used to practice alone, growing up in the boring repetition of day after day.Wang Jie Middle School: Nice to meet you. In the summer of 2019, we came to Wang Jie Middle School.Military training and sports meeting followed, sunburned us, and had no time to think about the future.College seemed so far away.It was the first time we walked into the piano room and picked up the instrument quickly. We followed the footsteps of our seniors and also chose to become art students.I picked up an instrument for the first time in my ignorance.I still remember the novelty, expectation and difficulty when I first entered the piano room.It is the first time to read music, listen to music, and pop a melody. What is easy for “piano boy” has become a difficult point waiting to be broken through.Day after day, repeatedly practicing art and believing in the “10,000-hour rule”, only by investing more than 10,000 hours in one thing can one become extraordinary from ordinary.When we became art students, it became our daily routine to go to school in the morning light and go home under the stars.Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times…, harvest progress in repeated exercise.After learning Musical Instruments in the first artistic performance, we ushered in the first artistic performance, the first time to wear costumes, nervous, serious and lovely, but also the first time to feel the charm of the stage brought to us.First performance in front of the whole school I still remember the first time I performed to the whole school on the playground, students cast their eyes to approve.Once again, it was a positive gain and a boost to our morale.For the first time, we came to Nanjing on behalf of our school to participate in the seventh Art Exhibition for Primary and secondary school students in Jiangsu Province. In front of the professional players, we were also full of confidence and won the second prize for our school.In the personal exhibition and communication meeting every weekend, I know my skills are not good enough, so I have to practice more.Every weekend, when others are having a rest, we still come to the school and take turns to give personal presentations. This “SOLO” stage belongs to us, simple as it is, it gives us the courage to go on stage.In the cold wind, the art test time passed quickly, soon we ushered in the Jiangsu provincial unified examination, against the cold wind, ready to go to war.Looking at the packed instruments, I suddenly realized that two years had passed since I practiced them day after day.Hello, Nanjing!Here we are for many of us, this is the first time to leave home, the first time to leave our parents to take an exam.The efforts of the past three years, just for this moment.A long journey of back, is a growth.The provincial unified examination won the first battle.The final exam ends on December 26, 2021.Back to school, start our new journey.January 24, 2022, almost a month in waiting.Finally arrived the day of grade check, the class received a gift from the head teacher, a small red can, carrying our big dream.Everyone’s heart is looking forward to a “good start”.On this day, we had our usual lunch, a simple boxed lunch or pancake.The difference is that after this hasty lunch, we have to wait for three years of hard work to witness.Three years time flies, we grow from young to adults.I heard voices of doubt, and I never thought I could make it this far.Understand the meaning of hard work, from “clumsy birds fly” to “thick accumulation”.At Wang Jie Middle School, we completed the firm turn and began to stretch and wait for the jump this summer.Along the way, although warm in the cold night, although in the fog tottering forward, it is precipitous, so wonderful, because of the rough, so stirring, and we have never forgotten the bright moon in the sky.Boy, the future is here.