Gu Ailing’s favorite honey three knives are the “sweet responsibility” of “Good Taste Shandong”

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Gu Ailing, who just won gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics, revealed in an interview that she loves to eat braised pork and honey.Braised pork in soy sauce is well known, and this “honey three knives” is what thing?On the network, the gourmet people from Shandong began to affectionately recommend this “good taste shandong” time-honored dessert to the Olympic athletes.”In the dessert industry, ‘the originator of pulp explosion’ honey three knives will always have a place.” “That layer of crystal clear that layer of pulp bright no problem of high sugar, high oil and high carbon water, but so what?Can frighten a foodie to let him close his greedy mouth?Can’t!”Honey three knife is one of the characteristics of Shandong dessert, it has another individual named “honey food”, is the favorite of sweet people, in Jinan, Qingzhou, Shan County, there are historical spread and popular old brand, no problem shandong specialty, people’s “heart good”.In October 2021, Qingzhou “Longsheng pastry” was selected into the list of 100 “Hospitable Shandong Internet celebrity good things”, honey three knives also became hospitable Shandong Amway to tourists a “Internet celebrity” food.It is understood that Longsheng pastry is a traditional pastry with typical Halal characteristics in qingzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage project. Its production technique originated from the Tribute Pastry Workshop of Heng Royal Palace in Ming Dynasty. According to the “Tuoshi Genealogy” and “Document of tuofeng Hai House donated by The 22nd Generation of Tuoshi” :Qing daoguang years (in 1849), remove waste’s 19 sai-jo shi yuan inherited the ancestral pastry skills, sea characters in qingzhou city gate (i.e., east gate) in lunan close to the wall, built the pastry cakes and sweetmeats, take the third son, bandung, four Australian firm name of each word set stores for “stage”, over nearly one hundred and seventy years of history so far.In 2013, it was selected into the intangible cultural Heritage project list of Shandong Province.Authentic honey Sandao has a bright sugar coating, which is bright but not sticky and has a strong sesame flavor.Honey three knife contains a lot of sugar, so when it is broken, it will produce “pulp” and “silk”, it is also very elastic teeth, gently bite a corner, slowly inhale soft transparent caramel, and then chew, taste, slowly swallow, teeth and cheeks stay sweet.Liu Zhenshi, a special researcher of Qingzhou Ancient City, said that honey sandao is a very popular snack in Qingzhou, and almost all traditional snack shops can make it. The quality of Hui snack shops is good, such as the honey sandao made by Longsheng pastry, which can still maintain the taste and characteristics of the pulp.Liu Zhenshi’s friend Liu Zhengqiu, in the 1980s personally made honey three knives.He told reporters that this little dot hides a complex craft:Honey, there are two kinds of three knife surface, bottom surface and leather, underside of pure powder, the mixture of oil and water in a certain proportion, leather face by ordinary flour add syrup (maltose), water and oil, after rolling stack together, the two level peel on the leather and sesame seeds, cut into 3 cm pieces, Fried in oil over low heat, two layers of leather splits into internal cavity after heated,Put it into the boiled hot syrup. When the floating honey gradually sinks into the syrup, it shows that the cavity has been fully filled with syrup. At this time, it is removed from the syrup and cooled down.It is said that the syrup is controlled at 90 degrees, which is the key to ensure that the syrup does not stick to teeth.(Dazhong Daily) Editor: Zhao Shanshan