Controversial scene!Exposure super foreign aid refused to return to the team, Jiang Xingquan or to white busy season

2022-06-10 0 By

Beijing time on February 1, with the advent of the Spring Festival holiday, many CBA teams operate foreign aid enthusiasm, reached an unprecedented height, especially part of the upper reaches of the team, from Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong have been related to the news, but from zhejiang men’s basketball, they are encountering unexpected trouble.Report it is understood that after the men’s basketball team zhejiang’s foreign aid endor, due to various factors, and has no plans to return to the effect of the zhejiang team plans, and, at the level of isolation period, 14 + 7 + 7, the latter and don’t want to influence too much competitive state, to this, the second stage window period, until now, no news from any return to domestic isolation.Previously, Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team had made relevant publicity: About our club’s use of the right of renewal of the priority of another foreign player Morris – Endor:The club has maintained positive communication with Maurice Endal. Endal also said that he likes the club very much and would like to participate in the match on behalf of Zhejiang Team. However, due to his lack of understanding of China’s quarantine policy in the light of COVID-19, he could not participate in the match in China.The player himself said that once China’s quarantine policy is adjusted, he will report to the team at the first time.Thanks to all the fans for their care and support.Given the current winter Olympics cycle, and the fact that quarantine policies are unlikely to change much anytime soon, n ‘Dour’s return is largely a theoretical possibility.Especially n duo in the United States can obtain the corresponding contract, reference zhejiang men’s basketball contract, as well as relative to the conditions, want to impress this super foreign aid, the difficulty is relatively large.Many fans attention to Jiang Xingquan satisfied runner Liu Weiwei reconstruction plan, from the comprehensive strength of the players, chemical reaction, is far more convincing than a lot of teams, but from deportivo to green can achieve a high state of use, relatively guangdong weems, liaoning moran DE, fogg, Shanghai feng lai, franklin, zhejiang team it is hard to break the situation,Want to go further in the playoffs, fear of the need for a comprehensive strength of the foreign aid, to prop up the team’s comprehensive needs.Before this one from zhejiang wu, Wang Yibo, anddy people rise, is already quite a traditional strong teams, but under the introduction and operation of foreign aid, perhaps, with Beijing BeiKong, compared to Shanghai, it is difficult to achieve the same level, but has the very strong players power, should consider how to balance the golden age of this group of players.