“The World” hit, Lei Jiayin and Zhang Kaili this pair of “forget the age” is also too good to knock

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“The World” tells the story of the Zhou family, whose fate and the changes of The Times are intertwined over the past 50 years, and who support and progress together in the ordinary years to complete their life mission.The historical facts, superb acting, touching story let the audience’s mood and bingkun a family of five experience of ups and downs, but let small make up the top is the CP in the TV series, whether it is love, friendship, affection line is very good knock!Zhou father week mother caring is enviable, the station saw how many people cry;”Pancake couple” (Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan) mutual redemption, mutual achievement touching, “as long as you do not affect me not afraid”, “as long as you do not affect, I am not afraid of”, two young people bravely struggle with the secular, also provoking tears;The audience are looking forward to Feng Huacheng down, CAI Xiaoguang really become bingkun’s brother-in-law, “glorious CP” (CAI Xiaoguang and Zhou Rong) immediately business;And elder brother and sister-in-law “wealth, do not forget” the promise……But in the thick to not open love, affection, xiaobian also hit zhou Bingkun and Qu Xiuzhen this pair of “forget the year”.There is no blood relationship between them, from strange to mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, also teacher also friends contributed to the play the most pure a section of forget age friendship.Unlike previous couples, the process by which Bingkun and Qu became friends can be described in three words: one-way misunderstanding, letting go of past misunderstandings and making up with each other.At the beginning of the story, CAI Xiaoguang to Zhou Bingkun arranged to the most light MSG workshop, but bingkun “little thing, more money” dream was broken by Qu Xiuzhen, she to “MSG workshop people have been super, slag class lack of people” reason will bingkun arranged to slag workshop, bingkun natural heart dissatisfaction, at work also many times.Qu Xiuzhen did not care about Zhou Bingkun’s misunderstanding of her, not only asked him to eat, but also told him to understand the factory “young people to slag workshop exercise” this system, after being questioned by a few young people, although there are still full of grievances in order to get their understanding to make the best efforts.For zhou Bingkun arranged to slag workshop this matter, qu Secretary has their own views and understanding, one is for work, two is bingkun: “you are still a child, good boy, do not want you to society and life have too much superficial understanding, I hope you take the right path, healthy development, have a good future.”In Zhou Bingkun’s confused years, song secretary is always in the critical moment to help, in exchange for Zhou Bingkun’s unconditional trust to her.As a cadre, leader, but to subordinates, junior full of goodwill, sincerity, the interpretation of old drama bone Kelly, successfully set up a typical image of female cadres belonging to that era.Although Zhou Bingkun can not like song secretary to help themselves, when the song secretary needs to save her in trouble, but also always give her the warmth of a timely help.”Life is not good nine out of ten” Qu Xiuzhen deeply understand the social changes in temperature, dedicated to her work is not good, from the soy oil factory to the sugar factory to be removed, each time adversity, the most let her comfort is Zhou Bingkun headed “six small gentleman” attitude to her.When Zhou Bingkun they went to visit her, she immediately beaming, happy like a child, and only in front of Zhou Bingkun, she can put down the identity of the leader, with the heart to change the heart.She put young people in the heart, removed from the soy sauce factory also care about their English learning, remind them to listen to the radio to learn English.See you again.Although after a long time, she first asked them whether they have timely learning, learning how, at that time Mired in a variety of bad Zhou Bingkun can only shift the topic, in the face of Qu Xiuzhen’s expectations full of guilt, Qu Xiuzhen said: “everyone’s circumstances, conditions are different, can not be the same request, but there is one:Make sure you do your job well and live your life well.”This scene, Qu Xiuzhen told Bingkun “loyal to self” is the most important, whether it is work, or study, or life, the existence of qu Secretary, like A “beacon” in the life of Zhou Bingkun.In the latest episode, zhou bingkun immediately thought of turning to Qu Xiuzhen for help, hoping to solve the problem through her husband Ma Shouchang’s relationship.However, a cigarette finished, qu secretary but decisively stood up and rejected the request of bingkun, told him he would not be to Ma Shouchang “pillow wind”, played Zhou Bingkun a surprise.Subsequently, qu secretary’s actions will be those who think Qu Xiuzhen abandoned the pick of the audience “crazy face”.Did not expect, responsible good leadership Qu Xiuzhen in the “light film” investigation for three days, came to gong Wei is really a good police results personally to Bingkun recruit, “see the staff you say, you say songhuajiang sauce factory workers, under the wife of Ma Shouchang worked.”Also especially emphasized to say “Ma Shouchang wife”, read that section of small make up only remember “I am Ma Shouchang wife”.To Zhou Bingkun and solve a problem, Qu Xiuzhen happy beamed.Have to jump on the bicycle qu Xiuzhen like a child, zhou Bingkun but mature many a little connivance meaning.Although the two actors have few lines in this scene, the audience is deeply moved by the sense of mutual understanding between them.Surface cold heart hot secretary diligent curve and enthusiasm kind a bit silly Zhou Bingkun is “in” the atmosphere of the group, whether grasp quinlan said the secretary song get caught in the “club”, or the secretary of the song do not jump car after the fall, the scenes are let the audience in stitches, the collocation of the two ended for this some drama adds a pleasant feeling of depression.This section of friendship, compared with the drama of love, family drama, the wonderful can be said to be even better, bringing another wonderful experience of watching the drama, is really too cute!