Tang three hidden weapon so difficult to do, that his life is how to do?Wuxia is stronger than fantasy

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Lead language: Tang door secret weapon in dou Luo mainland so difficult to do, so in tang three preexistence of the martial arts world, Tang Three is how to make tang door top secret weapon?Is wuxia stronger than fantasy setting?See colorful animation, break a different river’s lake!Hello, everyone, this is Yunmanji, welcome to the animation lake.In tang three just came to douro mainland when she wanted to make a weapon, and in his memory, tang door weapon needs every material is very rare, in the story of douro mainland early, Tang three every find a material is very difficult, or pay a great price, or is a chance coincidence.That is so difficult to obtain the material, tang three in the past life is how to get?And how do you use these materials to make the most incredible artifacts?Everything from the previous life of the Tang door set!Tang door technology for past tang door introduction actually has not systematically said, tang three previous tang door we can only speculate about what level, and through three tang dou luo continent makes the difficulty of the concealed weapon, you can see that in fact the past don door should be on the forging process is the highest, dou luo continent of human could not match, can’t even touch the edge,The reason in the past three tang themselves can do it, and in the douro mainland but not, is likely to be because of the technology here than tang three previous life backward!Material difference the second possibility is that the material difference is huge, tang SAN preexistence how to create so many powerful dark weapon of we do not know, but we know that Tang SAN can find those materials that make dark weapon.In the dou luo mainland apparently he also found, but it looks too difficult than the previous life, Tang three spent a lot of time to find materials, and when he found the material and made the top weapon, he was invincible in the dou Luo mainland, weapon in the dou Luo mainland is disorderly killing.Have you ever thought about why Tang SAN will pass through, or why he can keep the memory reincarnation, in the fifth works of the Series of Dou Luo mentioned that only the reincarnation of god king can keep the memory before, and Tang SAN is like this, you taste you fine.Tang three in fact is the king of God in the past, so he remembered how to make the secret, and for a king of God casting secret should not be what difficult, in the mainland is difficult to do because tang three has not reached the extent of the king of God.It is not that the world of Wuxia Tang SAN’s preexistence is very short, so it is easy to think that Tang SAN’s preexistence is a wuxia world from a few lenses to observe, but the problem is that Buddha Nu Tang Lian, rainstorm pear needle, black jade hand and so on, such skills have nothing to do with wuxia, their level is too high,Therefore, we have reason to suspect that the world of Tang SAN preexistence is also a fantasy world, and in the fantasy world forging secret weapon is actually not difficult, compared to the intensity of the two worlds, and the world of Tang SAN preexistence is stronger than the Douro continent.After the abolition of tang three into god is likely to also found this problem, douluo continental world war is too low, so this thing is not supposed to exist in the world, so tang three finally abolished all preserved in the world.Dark weapon should belong to the product of the world higher than douro continental war power, but it does not prove that it comes from the world of the highest war power, from the sequel we can also see that in fact, the lethality of dark weapon and other world is really not good.Conclusion manufacturing concealed weapon is not a simple thing, but it is not difficult, to tang three and as for the material, actually in front of the previous tang three material also is not the problem, no matter whether past tang three king of gods, for that strength is higher than dou luo continent of the world, in fact all the technology and resources may be better than that of dou luo continent.Everyone fan, do you think tang three previous life is stronger or more powerful this life?Ok, today’s cartoon story and everyone to talk here, like a little partner can pay attention to, can also click below immediately ask information cloud diffuse, there is a question must answer!I am yunman bacteria, mountain high water far, we river’s lake goodbye!Article | cloud diffuse bacteria plagiarism