Perfect Partner 41: Chen Shan company is investigated by the procuratorate

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Chen Shan about zhu accountant interview, Zhu accountant to see Chen Shan, revealed that the original superior Zhou Jiakai accounting fraud.It was because she found her superiors practicing favoritism that Zhu resigned. She only told Chen Shan the truth out of the kindness of her heart and persuaded Chen Shan to be wise and save her life.Chen Shan did not listen to zhu accountant kindly remind, back to the company to find Zhou Jiakai asked to do accounting fraud, Zhou Jiakai saw Chen Shan found the truth, seriously explained that he is forced to do accounting fraud, if he does not do accounting fraud, all the employees of the company will be unemployed.Sun Lei is listening to Professor Kang’s meeting in the conference room. Professor Kang writes a lot of engineering methods on the whiteboard. Sun Lei receives a phone call from the school.Sun Lei left the meeting room and answered the phone. The caller was the teacher of the school. The school was holding an activity, and every student had to wear white shoes.Sun Lei is at a meeting, can not get home to take the white shoes, but under the call to Chen Shan for help, but Chen Shan is investigating Zhou Jiakai to do fake accounts, more no time to go home to take the white shoes.The children put on their little white shoes and left the classroom neatly.The teacher told Tigger to stay in the classroom until the activity was over.Tigger was the only one who didn’t wear the little white shoes. It would have broken the unity of the team.Wu Min received sun Lei’s call for help, took a pair of small white shoes to the school, to jump, so that jump can finally participate in the school’s activities.The teacher at school called Chen Shan and told her tiaotiao didn’t bring her little white shoes. Chen shan explained that she didn’t help tiaotiao bring her little white shoes on purpose to teach her daughter a lesson.Wu Sorrow and Wu Min on the phone, she reminded Wu Min not to use love too deep, to Sun Lei moved the heart, become a stepmother.Wu Min scolds Wu Worry blind worry, she is good heart just help Sun Lei, not to Sun Lei produced love.Wu Min went to school to pick up his son, just jump also from school.Jump because of the need for small white shoes when wu Min timely help, jubilant rushed into the arms of Wu Min, express gratitude.Chen Shan came to pick up her daughter and took her home. She had planned to send her daughter to the custody class after dinner, but unexpectedly the people from the procuratorate came to the company to investigate. After receiving the phone call, she took her daughter to the company and left her daughter in an empty office.After being interviewed by the procuratorate, Chen Shan left the company and received a phone call from Sun Lei.Sun Lei has obtained professor Kang value, ready to develop anti-depressant with professor Kang, he wants to know the situation of jump, Chen Shan suddenly remembered that he left the company did not take jump go, hurriedly ran back to the company, rushed into the office of settle jump.Tiaotiao is sleeping soundly on his desk. Chen Shan is relieved. She takes her daughter on her back and leaves the company.After taking her daughter home and putting her to bed, Chen Shan was relieved.Millet sent information, revealed bai Mei and home nanny both missing, Chen Shan told Millet to continue to pay attention to the trend of Bai Mei, if the next day is not bai Mei will call the police.