“New Year new atmosphere” Shanhe Tun: after the festival to return to the first to seek industrial development

2022-06-09 0 By

“Qin spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time”.On February 8, the second day of official work after the Spring Festival, shanhetun Forestry Bureau Co., LTD., responsible leaders of several departments and 14 forest farms gathered together to discuss the 2022 industrial development goals and the construction and development ideas of beautiful home.Dahe Body forest farm will continue to improve the tourism industry this year, on the original basis to build rafting mouth, the use of yanshou Mountain scenic recreation projects to create a two-day tour, to increase publicity, docking major travel agencies;Victory forest this year will call on the workers to continue to plant flat shells, acacia, acacia buds, to rebuild the water park, on the original basis to build tree houses, increase fishing pot stew and other characteristics of food, drive the workers to get rich…Was tuen forestry co., LTD., departments, head of the unit in the seminar, talk, conception, according to the YiZhong is kind of appropriate, appropriate support, support, add, add, appropriate swim, swim, YiShangZeShang concept, focus on starting from the industry transformation of crack problems, explore the new mechanism and new path of industrial development, the industrial development to grasp the brand and grasp the scale, the benefit.Shanhe tun Forestry bureau limited company party secretary, chairman Liu Hualing told reporters that catching industrial projects is to grasp the first task of economic development.In 2022, the focus of the company will be to deeply excavate the existing resources of the company, revitalize idle assets, and make use of its own conditions and advantages to grasp industrial development.At the same time, shanhe Tun Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. party committee also encourages you to visit more learning, enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, give up the “iron rice bowl” “such as rice to eat” ideology.Responsibilities should be consolidated and tasks assigned to each team member, so that everyone has targets and everyone has a heavy burden to shoulder. Industrial development should be used to improve people’s livelihood and ensure social stability.Source | was tuen forest reporter | Li Qilong Zhou wan often coordinating editor | Wang Chang