Hebei Pingquan: “infiltrate the book, have a culture year” become a new fashion in the life of citizens

2022-06-09 0 By

During the Spring Festival, Xinhua Bookstore in Pingquan city attracted many readers to read and buy books.Correspondent Li Pingwen, hebei News (correspondent Li Pingwen) “USUALLY busy with work, the Spring Festival holiday, I go to the bookstore, choose some good books to study, or as gifts to share with relatives and friends.”Sun Yuhua, a pingquan resident, goes to a Xinhua bookstore to buy books on February 7, the seventh day of the first lunar month.Enjoying books and celebrating the New Year is becoming a new fashion for pingquan citizens.During the Spring Festival, the author saw in the Xinhua bookstore in Pingquan city that there were many citizens and students who came to buy books and read books in front of each bookshelf, from the old people of 60 to 70 years old to the children of five to six years old, all immersed in the smell of books and ushered in the New Year in reading.”During the Spring Festival, pingquan residents enjoy a rich cultural life.Since xinhua Bookstore opened on the fourth day of the first lunar month, more and more people come to buy books every day.”We also launched an online Spring Festival activity called ‘Bring Love and Reading Home’ in the bookstore, allowing citizens to celebrate the year of Culture with books.”Pingquan Xinhua bookstore deputy manager Zhang Songlin said.In recent years, Pingquan has earnestly implemented the strategy of “living city of culture”, paid attention to the nurturing role of culture, and made efforts to build a “cultural city”, adding charm to the city with humanistic spirit, creating urban temperament with cultural life, and boosting the construction of a national civilized city.Through a series of activities with rich contents and various forms and close to the people, such as “Cultural projects benefiting the people” and “scholarly forum”, a strong atmosphere of worshiping literature and virtue is created in the whole society to improve the ideological and moral level and scientific and cultural quality of the citizens.At the same time, strengthen the township, village “rural library” construction, let “rural library” become the spirit of the villagers “gas station”.During the Spring Festival, many villagers participated in agricultural technology training, reading and reading newspapers, learning online and other activities, which enriched the cultural life of the Spring Festival, improved their entrepreneurial skills, and laid a solid foundation for the city’s rural revitalization.