Byd Qin PLUS car in 2021, the owner opened 460 kilometers, said the positive words

2022-06-09 0 By

Everybody is good!I am the owner of Qin PLUS, from Xiaogan. My model is “2021 DM-I 120KM Noble model “. The purchase price is 120,000 yuan, the driving distance is 460 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 4.1L.A, talk about why did you choose this car because the car price is very high, 120 kilometers of the low versions are charging pile, very suitable for commuters to use at ordinary times, and they do not have so much money, the car price is very suitable for my feeling of the two, exterior and interior appearance is out, I was at the front of the good is ready to buy byd,I never thought there was such a cost-effective car body work: OK, feel a little thin door.The interior is very hip and I feel so-so screen /.The screen is reflective and the dashboard is so small that I can’t bear to look at it.Material also pull hip, I don’t know if summer will smell a lot, thinking about uncomfortable smell/abnormal sound: smell is still a little, high temperature disinfection, ventilation or can alleviate a lot of.Three, ride comfort feeling space is very large, the space of the back row and the trunk can, trunk volume: put three suitcases should be ok, or a lot of space.The piano black and piano paint on the doorknob are very textured.Head is a little bit less, front and back are ok.Car noise/smell: The new car has some smell, which is understandable, but the 4S shop does not send a few carbon bags to make people very angry suspension shock absorption over speed bumps and some very bad road is still hard, sometimes knock uncomfortable air conditioning effect:The air volume is very large, but it is very noisy seat wrapping is relatively strong, but the head can not be adjusted, the feeling is a little bad, and the back row can not be adjusted.Four, power and control feeling power to full marks, speed up super power, a gentle foot down.At low speed, there is no pause in shifting gears, very comfortable.The steering wheel is very powerful, and there is no empty position like, it’s very light, it makes people want to drive.General, high speed feeling a little floating, let a person a little afraid, especially after 120, and there is a lot of engine sound.Touch is also ok, hit the direction is also ok, quite good.Brake is a little bad, I don’t have enough confidence in high-speed braking, then change the tire and brake.Chassis stability: 60-80 bending is ok. The sales team led me to experience it once before, and I also played it once myself. The technology is a la carte, maybe the car is relatively light, but I still feel a little floating.Fuel consumption, energy consumption, air conditioning in winter, can also have this fuel consumption, I feel very good, because I swap is high-speed and urban areas, the entire city in pure electric is to send money, so the price is very high energy consumption in winter, winter slightly pull hip batteries, actually can run 120 kilometers, 80 is very good, to more than 80 city, high speed, lessBut the charge is still pretty fast, it can be fully charged in about 6 hours, and it can also be charged with 220 mains, which I think is not bad.1. The highlights of this car.Car look better appearance, have qualitative feeling very lamplight, rearview mirror on the unlock is useful, ready to unlock, my car is can machine system, high cost performance to download any application, by the way, the car did not shift the frustration feeling, very comfortable, speed is faster, overtaking is very simple, air conditioning air volume is relatively large, then trunk space,It’s ok and the back row is ok.2. What are your weaknesses?Fetal noise is relatively large, there is good sound insulation, sound quality is very general, interior color is not very good-looking.3. Is it worth it?High cost performance, I open more generally and urban area, thinking is to use pure electric, basically once every three months to add oil, very good, later period maintenance is cheaper, and after thinking about the battery warranty, this car is very value oh, hope byd’s technology is getting better and better, more cars to consumers, higher ratio of 4 s inn after-sales service:Online said BYD after-sales pull crotch, I think it can, the speed is very fast, our filial piety is still very good.