A 2-0 loss to Oman has left China 1-9 at the bottom of the table, and the former coach has made no bones about the reasons for the loss

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China lost 2-0 to Oman in the final match of the World Preliminary Round of 12 on March 30, Beijing time. Since then, the record of China’s national football team has been 1-9 and ranked at the bottom of the world Preliminary Round of 12.And the fans no longer have expectations for the performance of the National football Team. Although there are audiences attending the match, they don’t have passion and cheer, but look serious and even can’t bear to look at the match.It can be said that the National football team not only lost the game but also chilled the hearts of the fans.The whole game, The National football team was completely out of shape. The defense side made many mistakes, and there was no striker worthy of being a major player, so that the National football team was very passive.In the first and second half, China conceded a goal each, not many but also embarrassing the team.”Our players have no courage, no spirit, no personality and no courage,” lippi said.I can’t make money in China that I shouldn’t, without conscience.”Lippi’s departure was a wise choice, otherwise it could have been a bad night.Football fans are not afraid of losing, but you can’t have no fighting spirit. Nowadays, it seems that the National football team is loose and active. It seems that their thoughts are in the wrong place.For the performance of the National football team, the scene fans really can not go down, full of disappointment.The camera to the audience, we look serious, even some helpless;It’s not that they don’t want to cheer, it’s really how can they have passion to shout in such a game, not leaving the field is the biggest respect.Of course, the current situation of the National football Team is not entirely the responsibility of the players, but the entire industry constraints.At present, the level of Chinese Super League is gradually declining, and youth Super League competitions are greatly reduced or even interrupted, resulting in insufficient reserve force.Most of the Chinese youth team wu have been trained in the Chinese Second League, but they lack the opportunity to compete in the international arena, even in Asia.The just-concluded U23 Dubai Cup was the first international competition for the National youth team in two years. Although the team defeated Thailand, the hidden danger of the team still exists. If it is not solved fundamentally, it is impossible for the National football team to compete in the World Cup.