20 consecutive wins against Chinese chess players!In advance, Shen Zhen lived up to their pre-race promises and was well aware of Yang ding’s new weaknesses

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Seeing is about to win the first, Yang Dingxin in the second black 199 of the big sieve spoon but directly let black and white win rate reversal……In advance, Shenzhen scored another comeback win in the back half of the match, which was his 20th winning streak against Chinese players in all competitions.In Advance, Shenzhen and Advance have not lost to Any Chinese players since their defeat to Mi Yuting in the 6th round of Weijia in June last year.In advance, Shenzhen has achieved a remarkable 20 consecutive wins in advance against Chinese players in the Weijia, Chunlan Cup, Kungfu Mountain Cup, Samsung Cup and LG Cup (previously, Shenzhen lost to Wang Xinghao in the TWT tournament, but those were in informal network competitions).In spite of all the faults in Shenzhen’s games in particular, it can be found that he suffered great disadvantages in the middle and rear sets in many times, Chinese players often made mistakes at the last moment and were magically reversed by shenzhen.Chunlan cup Tang Weixing two games are so, Samsung cup semi-final Yang Dingxin 188 hands missed the winning machine, LG cup semi-final Ke Jie 171 mistakes, national mountain cup Wang Yuanjun one hand chess 80 win rate…….In advance, our chess players seem to be under great stress in advance and in advance are prone to mistakes.The author has analyzed before, small Shen now of the technology is not comprehensive also have no dominant force, this piece of chess he is not good attack of the disease again show, the middle 114 break is completely desperate, left attack fruitless also take 6 white son……But Xiao Shen’s advantage is that he is young, and a short time calculation will not be a big mistake.In advance, all the above-mentioned examples are in common faults in which time is in a disadvantage, and in general, all faults are self-inflicted. In Shenzhen, the maximum hours are in advance.In advance of the competition, Shenzhen showed early smokup in advance competition, “I know the weakness of Yang Dingxin”, and two days before the competition, he said that “Yang Dingxin is very strong in the first half”, which means that Yang dingxin’s weakness is in the second half.As luck would have it, today shenzhen’s poor waiting in advance included a big scoop in the rear half of Yang Dingxin and a successful upset.Can the players do some training for the second half of the game and counting seconds?Korean chess players can play chess every month, while Chinese chess players can only practice reading seconds through the net chess, which is far from the official game.