The house is already there, can the car be far behind?What about private car sharing

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The house is already there, can the car be far behind?Recently, a common little thing came into our sight, but it makes us very envious, like you and me under the extreme lemon tree!A daughter suddenly received the news from her parents, to her already bought a good house!So the house is already there, can the car be far behind?At work, it is possible to run into the situation of private car sharing.Then in the process of using the vehicle, a series of expenses, such as tolls, refueling fees, etc., will not be reimbursed because the vehicle is not owned by the company.If you encounter this situation can look at the following three processing methods, very useful: one, vehicle subsidies owners can discuss with the boss of the company, if the private car needs to be public, I hope the company can make up for the cost of the vehicle by way of subsidies.And these expenses need to be incorporated into the individual salary income to pay individual income tax.Two, expense reimbursement of the vehicle in the use of the process of fuel fees, tolls and so on, the owner can go to issue the company’s invoice, and then with the invoice reimbursement.However, the financial department will enter the invoice on an accrual basis.If this method is used, at the company level, the ticket can be deducted before income tax, and there is no need to pay individual income tax.If the company pays the personal SPF first, it is used for the expenses incurred during the use of the vehicle.So you have to pay attention to this premise, the company has cars.Otherwise, not only the company but also the individual will face risks. On the one hand, the company will be regarded as the tax evasion behavior of purchasing invoices, and on the other hand, the individual will be considered to pay less tax.In addition, private car public expense reimbursement should be standardized and reasonable, sufficient reasons for pre-tax deduction.Financial personnel to make clear private car public which costs can be deducted before tax, such as refueling fees, maintenance fees are allowed to deduct before tax, but the strong insurance is not allowed to deduct before tax;Even clear which posts, which employees try out private car public, to have written record registration, avoid the private car public expense reimbursement and grant traffic subsidies mixed.If the company needs to use a private car, the company can sign a car rental agreement with them to clarify the rights and obligations.In addition, also want to make clear the rental agreement in the agreement and the vehicle in the use of the process of the cost, and the rental time and so on.If the expense is borne by the company, it can be deducted before tax, and the rent can be reduced accordingly.If it is an individual bear, this part of the cost needs to be incorporated into the rent, according to the property rental income to pay individual tax.So how can a boss save tax legally?Security take money home, the boss of five methods (remember, the company is the boss, but money is not the boss of the company) 1, the boss gave his salary: the boss for his salary and bonus at the end of the method of paying tax gap is great: send your salary every month 29000, award, 144000, 500000, annual income tax rate is only 11%.Compare that to a BMW 740!Description: The severance compensation is less than 3 times of the average local salary, and it can be tax-free.Set up a sole proprietorship enterprise provides consulting services to the company, a sole proprietorship enterprise can be safely back to the 4.75 million 4, the boss sold his car to the company description: second-hand transfer price is lower than the original price duty-free methods: sell his car 600000, car or you go on, safely back to 600000, and all the related expenses car can submit an expense account.5, set up the brand center of the sole proprietorship enterprise description: their own goods or professional through the authorization of their own fees: put in the company’s trademark or patent, the company pays the relevant brand authorization fees, after the approval of the comprehensive tax rate is 5%, safe back 2 million.Two, ten methods of tax saving planning: 1, the use of the nature of the enterprise tax saving (limited liability companies, general taxpayers, small-scale taxpayers, individual tax rates are different) 2, business separation (such as:Installed air-conditioning business split into short harmonic) 3, change the supply chain (remodeling, shorten, extended supply chain), 4 5, change the mode of operation, change the way of trade and location (tax depression) 6, restructuring, merger and division 7, use of preferential tax policies 8, transfer profit (such as profits by pricing the upstream company transferred to the downstream low rates) 9 10, the use of external expertsWhen it comes to taxation, in addition to individuals, it can be said that all enterprises need to consider the big problem, even Jack Ma, Liu Qiangdong is also among them, otherwise how can jack Ma have no salary, and Liu Qiangdong’s annual salary is only one dollar such things appear?In fact, the above use of this tax avoidance way, is “tax avoidance” one of the many tax avoidance ways in this book, this book uses hundreds of real cases, various tax avoidance methods combined, tell you how to correct and reasonable tax avoidance.Is not a lot of people think that the problem of tax avoidance only those outstanding financial will know, in fact, the boss is also to understand a certain tax knowledge, so as to reasonably help the company save expenses, so that you can maximize the income.Tax Avoidance will be updated in 2021, applicable to the new tax laws and taking advantage of the latest preferential policies. 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