The Nokia N90 remake is coming, and the best video machine is on its way, with a classic slide body

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I believe that many post-80s have a special liking for Nokia mobile phones. Once a very excellent mobile phone brand, because of its unique design and strong performance, it once became the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world.Commendable is, Nokia has released many classic models, a variety of body design, among which the most classic clamshell body, not only very cool appearance, more convenient operation, but also greatly increase the screen ratio.The Nokia N90, for example, is a very classic flip phone that works very well as a handheld camera.It is rare to see this unique model today, but new news has emerged that the Nokia N90 rework is coming, and some netizens have brought in illustrations of the device.The Nokia N90 redesign takes a new approach to design and differs from traditional phones.The screen and body are designed with a sliding cover. At present, no full-screen phone has adopted such a design method, which is worth looking forward to.But it’s still a concept, and there’s no word on whether it will be released.The sliding body can bring better display effect, through such a design, can achieve a true full screen, no need for any holes in the screen.It is worth noting that, unlike the full screen under the screen, the front lens is also under the screen, but through the sliding design, the front lens does not have any obstacles, so that the photo effect is better.The screen will also look better.It is reported that The Nokia N90 reworked version of the screen parameters is very strong, will support the screen refresh rate of 200 Hertz, there is no screen under the lens technology defect, the screen resolution of the new machine will be further improved, will reach 4K level, screen quality is quite outstanding.In this sense, the screen will probably be the best phone screen ever, with no holes and more robust parameters, which is well worth designing.As mentioned above, the screen and body of the new phone are slide-out, and the front lens is still positioned at the top of the body, although there is no change.The design at the time was similar to a camera lift.When the screen slides down, the front lens is revealed.Ming Zhen can see that Nokia N90 remade using the front double shot scheme, three holes in the design, two lenses and fill the light horizontal arrangement, and did not use the capsule design scheme.Commendable is the rear camera module, the entire rear camera module is located under the back cover of the screen, at the bottom of the body, unlike traditional phones.When the screen slides down, both the front lens and the rear camera module are exposed.Can take pictures at the same time.All lenses of the rear camera module are arranged horizontally, and it is obvious that there are three high resolution lenses with a sensor lens.Each of the three lenses has 50 megapixels and is paired with a large sensor for excellent results.In addition to the excellent screen and excellent imaging system, the performance of the new phone is still very good, and if the phone is released this year, it will definitely use a new 4nm chip, but it is uncertain whether it will be the Breguet 9000 or snapdragon 8Gen1 chip.However, this is not important, after all, the performance of the two chips is excellent, both are the current mainstream high-end flagship chips, mobile phone fluency is bound to be quite high.Commendably, in addition to the excellent chip, the new phone’s memory configuration will also be improved to further extend the phone’s life.As for its battery life system, as a high-end flagship phone, its battery capacity and fast charging rate is bound to be quite strong.As with many new flagship phones, it will use a high-capacity battery of more than 5,000 mah, with a wired quick charge of more than 100 watts.Wireless fast charging is still only 50 watts because of various limitations.Overall, the concept phone breaks with the traditional phone design and has better hardware, though it is unclear whether it will go into mass production.After all, Nokia’s mobile phone market is not good.So users who want to get a new phone can also consider other comprehensive image flagships.For example, VivoX70Pro+, with Nokia N90 remade version, also has quite strong photo effect, VivoX70Pro+ full lens to achieve shake proof, the main camera with nearly 1 inch Samsung GN1 sensor, and equipped with Zeiss optical glass lens, image system is very strong.In addition, the performance of Vivo X70Pro+ is also not weak, supported by 5-nanometer Snapdragon 888Plus chip and paired with V1 image chip, the performance is still very good.More commendably, Vivo X70Pro+ is IP68 waterproof, and the screen still supports an adaptive refresh rate.To make way for the new phone, the price has dropped further, to 4849 Vivo X70Pro+, which is well worth buying.What do you think of Vivo X70Pro+?Feel free to leave a comment below and discuss!We have any questions can be small private letter!