In many places, the supervision is relaxed and the source of down payment is simplified. How do banks judge the source of down payment on mortgages?

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At one time or another, people may still be immersed in the atmosphere of strict supervision of the property market last year, but this year has been released from the national and local government to maintain the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, good signals.That goal has not changed, but it has been a relative boon.Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and other places mortgage interest rate decline significantly, suzhou is the occurrence of interest rate 0 floating situation, see 0 floating is also a good.According to statistics, in March, the mainstream first mortgage interest rate in 103 key cities was 5.34%, and the second mortgage interest rate was 5.60%, 13 and 15 basis points lower than last month respectively.In addition, the loan cycle in key cities has also been shortened, and banks around the country are optimistic about the loan review. Some banks even said that they could make the loan on the same day after completing the formalities.Some banks have adjusted their loan examination requirements on a prudent basis, simplifying the examination of sources of down payments, social security, and bank statements.There’s a down payment source review, why do that?This is the real estate period of strict supervision under an order.In the past, when the property market was at its peak, a large amount of capital flowed into the property market, and everyone was also desperately leveraging up, just as if the mortgage did not need to be repaid. In fact, everyone was also good at accounting. How could there be such a cheap good thing?Mortgage interest rates are low, and the down payment is not too much, it is nothing to catch a Wolf, it is not difficult to understand the surge in housing prices.In an effort to curb property prices and speculation, regulators introduced policies in 2018 to crack down on misappropriation of consumer loans and illegal overdraft of credit cards, strictly controlling the illegal flow of personal loans into the property market.So, following the instructions, banks began to scrutinize the sources of down payments for home buyers.The property market is not the property market in those days, the policy can not be completely stuck to the policy, but housing speculation and stability of the overall situation has not changed.So, on a case-by-case basis, different standards are still applied.Some cities are beginning to relax the checks on the source of the down payment, but many others remain in place.So, under normal circumstances, how is the bank to judge the source of the mortgage down payment?Banks generally judge the source of down payment through several channels.1. Review the bank card flow of the down payment.Banks will check the flow of nearly half a year, to see whether there are loans, loans, financing, the source of these ways.If have, can judge of course is not own capital, do not accord with supervisory requirement.If your own capital is not less than 80%, you can basically pass.Down payment can be his income, also can be financial management, bonus, bonus, also can borrow money from direct relatives, but must not be a loan.2. Check the funds of immediate family members.If your money comes from an immediate family member, check their bank statements, and if it’s your own, assume your credentials are in order.This means, head payment must be family own capital, even if look for parents to borrow money, this money also wants to check half an year running water, cannot be loan way!3. Check the family credit information of the lender again before lending.After the completion of the mortgage examination, the bank needs to check the borrower’s family credit information again before the mortgage is made. There is no new consumer loan or credit card installment business. If there is any, the loan can be issued only after it has been cleared.However, if the mortgage down payment source audit does not pass how to do?Buyers also do not worry too much, first of all clear rejected reasons, and then according to the requirements of supplementary materials, proof of its own capital when the first payment can be.In addition, additional down payment and lower loan amount can be used to improve the efficiency of mortgage approval.Although down payment checks are now relaxed in some places, home buyers should be careful not to delay the approval process.Source: Zhuge looking for a house