China, Japan and Asia’s light Zhu Yi shed tears in free skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-06-08 0 By

The Russian Olympic team won the team figure skating gold medal for the second time with a strong performance on Sunday.To Russia, the United States, such strong teams in order to win the championship, will send their best lineup, but for the sake of security, the Russian Olympic team did not change the list, even the strongest women’s singles only valieva, ice dancing only SK group, pairs skating only MG group.The Japanese team men’s and women’s single strength is strong, ice dance, pairs skating progress, get the third place.After the first round of short program/rhythm dance: Russia, USA, Japan, Canada, China advance to free skating.Men’s single: Russia mark one person to participate in the short program third, free skating second, 17 points, this year’s men’s single skating good, Russia almost ahead of the gold medal.The United States, Chen Wei first in the short program, free skating Zhou Zhifang third, with 18 points.Jin Boyang was sixth in the short program and fourth in the free skate with 11 points.Pairs skating: Russia’s BK finished second in the short program and first in the free skate with 19 points, while the United States finished third in the short program and fifth in the free skate with 14 points.Sui First, Pengkine third, China 17 points.Ice Dance: Russia SK combined two second places with 18 points, the United States sent two different pairs, two first places with 20 points.Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, fifth in rhythm dance, fourth in free skate, 13 points.From the team competition, the Russian ice dancers are a little difficult to win the podium, the Two different pairs of the United States are defeated, and the French pair Papadagis/Ceseron, why not let another pair of ice dancers, in fact, the status is similar, both second and third level.Russia led the United States by six points before the women’s singles match, and the strength of the Russian women’s singles almost guaranteed the gold medal to Russia.Women’s singles: Russian Valiyeva won the first place in both events, with 20 points; Chen Kaiwen of the United States won the fifth place in the short program, and the third place in the free skate, with 14 points; Zhu Yi of China did not do well in the free skate in the short program, but she was too nervous on the spot. After the skating, the girl could not help crying and felt sad about her competition.The total score of 6 points finally Russia champion, the United States runner-up, Japan third place, Canada fourth place, China fifth place, no change in the rankings, short program, free skating rankings also little change.