The taste of spring | the most difficult to wash the wild onion most provocative

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In the warm air of spring, a variety of delicious vegetables quietly grow, people grasp the season, can’t wait to move seasonal vegetables on the table.Peas, pointed.Garden chrysanthemum.What is the most anticipated dish in spring?Chinese toon fried eggs, shepherd’s purse chicken soup, dull spring bamboo shoots, bad pepper fried leek, wild onion fried bacon……I can’t say which dish is the most delicious, but I’m sure it takes the most time — fried bacon with wild scallions.Wild onion, also known as mountain garlic, is born in the mountains.Yunyan district red border gate farmers market stalls can find the figure of wild Onions, the reporter from the old farmers stalls to 1 yuan 1 to buy 8 wild Onions, the old farmer said, this and bacon fried together only a small plate.Wild green onion leaves are long and small, mixed with dead leaves and silt, need to be patient cleaning.Wild shallot, also known as mountain garlic, is born in the mountains and not only has strong vitality, but also can be felt when people wash it.Its leaves are long and small, mixed with dead leaves and silt in the middle, need to be patient to clean up, such as the reporter finished cleaning 40 minutes has passed.It took an average of four minutes to clean pea tip, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and Chinese cabbage, which had similar numbers.Washed wild Onions.The rice is already cooked, and my friends have prepared all the other dishes. Everyone’s stomach is rumbling, waiting for wild Onions to fry bacon.Although they look like green Onions, the small wild Onions have a strong aroma that is completely different from green Onions, boldly enticing foodies.After cleaning, the green and white spring Onions have a fresh color. They are cut into small pieces like bacon, and dried chili, ginger and garlic are ready for cooking.Fried bacon with wild Onions.Heat the ingredients with oil, stir fry the bacon until fragrant, then add the wild Onions, stir fry for 2 minutes, then the pot is ready, a small dish of fried bacon with wild Onions is finished.The dark red cured meat is set off by green and white wild Onions, which are brightly colored and eye-catching.At the same time, the aroma of bacon balances out the stimulation of wild Onions, which is a perfect match.When I was a child, the wild Onions on the family table came from the hillside fields, which was a gift of nature.Spring wild Onions grow just right, farmers hoe, then readily bring back wild Onions, wild Onions and bacon combination is the wisdom of farmers.Wild onion is difficult to clean, the reporter is afraid of love, but next time still want to try.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Lu Daji editor Wei Yi Liu Juan editor Tian Minjia Yang Tao