The results of the 2022 National Postgraduate Entrance Examination will be released on Feb 21

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The results of the 2022 National Master’s Entrance Examination will be released on Feb 21, and candidates can check their scores according to the methods announced by each admission unit.Candidates who have doubts about their results may apply for a result review.The preliminary examination results of 24 subjects will be reviewed from 9:00 on February 22 (Tuesday) to 16:00 on February 23 (Wednesday).Candidates can log on to the website of Shanghai Education Examination Institute “Shanghai Recruitment Hotline” (, click on the “result query” column on the home page, and apply online (on-site application is not accepted). See the detailed application process below.Candidates can log on to the website to check their results from 10:00 on February 25 (Friday).The examination of self-set subject scores is carried out in each enrollment unit. Please consult each enrollment unit or check the graduate enrollment homepage of the relevant unit for specific methods of examination.Result recheck only check answer sheet name, examinee number is corresponding with examinee himself, examinee answer paper have no comment, miss to read, small question score whether have extra points wrong, board points wrong, each small question score synthesis is consistent with the result provided to examinee, do not re-evaluate answer paper.Only the total score of the subject will be provided to the candidate.No access to answer sheets.1. Candidates log in to the result review system using their candidate ID (15 digits) as their user name. The initial password is the last six digits (excluding English letters) of their id number used for online registration.2. After login, fill in the scores of some subjects as prompted to verify your identity.3. After the identity authentication is passed, select the subject to be rechecked on the application page and click “Submit application”. If “Submit successfully” is displayed in red, the application is complete, and click “Exit system” to exit.4. If the candidate needs to add or subtract the subjects, he/she can log in the system again to adjust the subjects during the online application period, subject to the last “successful submission”.Source: Shanghai Education editor: Wu Lirong