The parents of a rural family that produced three postgraduates lit firecrackers to celebrate, but were ridiculed online

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Guide language: nowadays the educational resources of the society are more and more unequal, and it is becoming more and more difficult to give birth to your child from a poor family.But even rural families also attach great importance to their children’s education.It is difficult for children in the countryside to obtain good educational resources, and it is very rare for a village to have college students, let alone graduate students at home.Whether they enter prestigious universities or ordinary schools, these graduate students who can come ashore are worthy of our recognition.A video of a rural family setting off firecrackers to celebrate their three children’s entrance to graduate school has been circulating online, drawing ridicule from netizens.They say that today’s graduate students are rotten and mock the rural people for not having seen the world.There are also many comments that the degree has been worthless, like graduation can not find a good job.The video is from an ordinary family of farmers in Jiangxi province. It shows them setting off firecrackers.There are three graduate students in the family, it is indeed a happy event, parents posted the video on the Internet, also hoping to receive the blessing of netizens, but unexpectedly, it was malicious attack on the Internet.It is not easy for ordinary families to produce one graduate student, so having three graduate students in the family is indeed worth celebrating.However, many netizens say that graduate students are not rare and of no value.It is said that rural parents are not open-minded enough, now 1/3 of the postgraduate entrance examination can go on shore.Some netizens think parents are polluting the environment by setting off firecrackers to celebrate the event.But in the countryside, burning straw every day produces more pollution emissions than setting off firecrackers.And the number of fireworks set off by the family was not large.Rural education resources have always been relatively poor, and the success of family education can be greatly reflected by having children admitted to graduate schools.Hope the net friends or mouth mercy, can give blessings to others.Seeing these comments, it really makes people feel very helpless that some people think it is useless to read more books.With the development of modern education, people are generally able to receive higher education, and it is rare to look down on the graduate degree.Although there are more and more graduate students, graduate students have always been the highest level of education in China, and have always had certain advantages in the job market.In particular, some graduate students from 985 famous universities will be snapped up by major enterprises before they graduate.Most of those who like to make useless remarks about high academic qualifications are not highly educated, so they like sour words on the Internet.Although academic degree does not represent ability, having a postgraduate degree can indeed enhance one’s competitiveness and obtain more and better employment opportunities.So the poor students do not belittle themselves, study hard will be able to harvest.In today’s society, it is still difficult to move without a degree.03 Postgraduate entrance examination is not easy although the undergraduate students are everywhere now, there are many students who can enter the undergraduate course through the college entrance examination. We are not satisfied with the undergraduate degree, so many people choose to take postgraduate entrance examination.Don’t say take an examination of grind this road is not easy, from now take an examination of the beginning, can limit many students to enter pu Gao, want to become a graduate student so or very not easy.You can learn more knowledge in the process of taking an examination of one’s master’s degree, but the tuition of professional master’s degree in many colleges and universities is very high.Even if you are admitted to graduate school, you have to face certain financial pressure, which makes many people daunting.Still, students from poor families can go to graduate school because there are plenty of scholarships available and some money can be made with good mentors.If you can’t afford it, you can take out a student loan and pay it back when you get a job.Study is still a way out for rural children, which means that as long as they work hard enough, they can go out of the countryside and move towards a higher starting point.Learning is fair, and knowledge creates more possibilities even without a degree.Many people choose to take the postgraduate examination in order to provide more development opportunities in the future. The degree can indeed help them get more competitiveness.With a strong strength, naturally also not afraid of others for their ridicule, just need to live their own life.As a student, even if he chose to take the postgraduate entrance examination, he should continue to plan for his future, otherwise he will only be more confused.During the university can participate in more social activities, increase their knowledge, do not necessarily choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination, but also to find their future development direction.Conclusion: To pass the postgraduate examination shows that they are already excellent talents, and we should show our respect to those who have made gains through their own efforts.Pay attention to what you say and do, even if you make comments online. Will it hurt others?Instead of attacking others online, get serious about improving yourself.You don’t have to care too much about what others say. You should try your best to be yourself and not be affected by negative emotions. Only in this way can you live a wonderful life of your own.