Shanghu town: environmental renovation in addition to the old new look to welcome the New Year

2022-06-07 0 By

On the occasion of the arrival of the New Year, in order to ensure that the town of households under the jurisdiction of the masses have a clean, order, civilization, beautiful township environment, recently, the village (community) party branch of the town of households under the jurisdiction of the party member cadres volunteer service team, the masses carried out the “environmental remediation in addition to the old new style to welcome the New Year” environmental health renovation activities.Activity, we push broom in hand, shovels, white garbage bags, gloves, etc. Work tools, focusing on 323 provincial roads on both sides, and all the jurisdictions such as health “blind Angle” the white garbage behind the house, living production garbage, weeds, accumulated rubbish and other debris to clean up, give full play to the leading role of grass-roots party organizations in environmental governance civilization practice,Truly effective to make the area more beautiful environment.Since the living environment remediation activities have been carried out, the Party Committee of Shanghu Town closely around the “party branch lead, party member cadres take the lead, villagers participate in” working mechanism, adhere to the renovation of a, clean a work standard, guide the masses to consciously participate in and consciously clean up environmental health.”As soon as the lanterns and Spring Festival couplets are hung up, it will be full of the flavor of The New Year. I hope my restaurant will be more prosperous in the future.”Resident Choi Myung-soo said happily.On the town of the village (community) also for the area of the masses to send Spring Festival couplets, lanterns and blessings.On the town of the second line of the first secretary lang Source new said: “Party cadres should play a leading role in the demonstration, seriously do a good job before the big renovation of the living environment, so that every family earnestly enjoy the dividend of the renovation of the living environment, to ‘small’ clean, boost ‘everyone’ clean.”(Correspondent Wang Jiali)