Original god: Yaejo strength collapse?0 lives to mark little Amy, afraid to become the second bell away

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The original god installed characters, from the moment they appear will accumulate popularity, compared to many airborne characters, to be more attractive.Because we can talk to them in the story of the game, or in the mission, to get to know them.Just like the Yaejo god son of Rice Wife, before the rice wife city was opened, it already had a very high popularity, after all, who doesn’t like pink fox?Since the opening of rice Wife, countless netizens are looking forward to the early yaejoko and everyone to meet, and the recent 2.5 version is also coming, we can finally see yaejoko!Yaejo strength collapse?0 life unexpectedly to mark little Amy, afraid to become the second bell away!Many players are adhering to a concept of smoking cards, that is, “smoking female not smoking male”, coupled with the eight heavy god son has long appeared in the game, is very familiar with a role, so deeply loved by everyone, very high in popularity.Before the pool was opened, countless net friends joked: “Even if the Yaegravity God son can add blood to the strange, I will also draw”!This remark shows how much netizens love Shenzi.But the intensity party and the XP party are inseparable forever, you may be an XP party, but if a character is very weak, you will certainly feel uncomfortable.The intensity party doesn’t have that problem. After all, they only pursue the intensity of the character.Although yaeyama’s modeling and design have attracted many fans, even many of the intensity party are “dedicated to love”.But many players regret it immediately.Yaeyama’s strength is too low. Although her magnification rate is very high and her E skill magnification rate is 400%+, her damage enhancement method is too diluted. Her passive is elemental mastery to increase the damage of E skill, but she breaks through the increased critical hit chance, so she has to play high explosive damage.So that puts yaeyama in an awkward position.Despite the high magnification rate, the energy and cooldown required are also very high, so yaejo is not particularly good to some extent.Some netizens have also made a preliminary calculation, at the time of 0 life is better than the full life of little Amy, 6 life is enough to crush, but a six life of the eight god son, the cost is really too high, ordinary people really can not afford.And no exaggeration, two life of Thor can rival six life eight god son, the gap between the two sides is still very big.So now the official of the original god has been blasted, are countless netizens want to let the official yaejo God son enhancement.In fact, since the age of Hyrimoon 3C past, there is very little that kind of 0 life god of war.The recent emergence of the Wild Long a fight, if the degree of practice is not enough, open a big recruit damage can only play 2W, those knives 10W are 6 life.And Arataki icidou started out at his peak, unlike any other character.This is also the problem with most of the current 5 star characters.However, The popularity of Shenzi is very high, and it is possible that under the explosion of many fans, the authorities will eventually increase some values of Shenzi according to the actual situation.Plus her own sacred relics and all that, at least it wouldn’t embarrass her as much as it does now.