In 2022, teachers’ salaries will be adjusted and 10% allowance will be cancelled

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In 2022, teachers’ salaries will be adjusted and 10% allowance will be cancelled. Will this increase or decrease?This paragraph of time the platform, the author saw the civil servants, institutions, as well as the teachers of each group of the good news, many of them have received the salary difference replacement part, by the author through data, there are two main modes, pretest probability is a certain amount, then one is their accounting to ascend, and then the difference between the replacement 4-5 months or so.No matter what the starting point, after the reissue is in accordance with the new standard to implement the future salary treatment, it can be said that this is also a big change, at this time someone may ask, previously agreed to give teachers 10% increase, is there?In fact, in order to take into account the special nature of teachers and nurses in the staffing system, they were given a 10% increase in their basic salary. However, they said that they would cancel it.What is not compulsory education executes is institution wage standard and post wage pay salary 10% of salary.Compulsory phase at this time the teacher certainly will be starting to worry that treatment would drop, this is out of thin air, compulsory education stage teacher rather than a notice to reduce overall treatment, but also improve because the compulsory education stage teacher salary adjustment includes 10% before, although cancelled the gain of 10%, but increase the overall treatment, reduced down or up.See here, teachers can relax the heart to know that the current relevant policy direction, teaching age allowance is also to be greatly adjusted, teachers can be bold to look forward to.