Chinese scientists develop new methods for protein design

2022-06-07 0 By

Protein is the basis of life. There has been much attention on how to design protein through artificial arrangement and combination of amino acids.Associate professor, university of science and technology of China, professor liu haiyan, Chen Quan team used data driven strategy, open up gives a new protein design line, from the start in the frontier areas of science and technology to achieve the protein design key core technology of original innovation, industrial enzymes, biological materials, biological pharmaceutical protein functions such as protein design have laid a solid foundation.The structure and function of a protein are determined by its amino acid sequence.At present, proteins that can form stable three-dimensional structures are almost all natural proteins, whose amino acid sequences are formed by long-term natural evolution.When the structure and function of natural proteins cannot meet the needs of industrial or medical applications, protein design is needed to obtain specific functional proteins.The relevant team of USTC has been engaged in basic research and applied basic research in the direction of computational structural biology for a long time.Professor Haiyan Liu and Associate Professor Quan Chen have been developing data-driven protein design methods for more than ten years.The team published high-resolution crystal structures of nine protein molecules designed from scratch, five of which have novel structures different from those of known natural proteins. The results were published in the international journal Nature on February 10, Beijing time.Reviewers believe that the method proposed in this work is sufficiently novel and practical;Designing proteins from scratch is challenging and the high resolution design of six different proteins in this work is an important achievement and proves that the approach works well.