Icbc Bazhong Branch actively carried out the “3.15” financial consumer rights protection publicity campaign in 2022

2022-06-06 0 By

In order to continuously promote the protection of consumer rights and improve financial consumers’ risk responsibility awareness, rights awareness and risk management ability, ICBC Bazhong Branch actively carries out the “3.15” consumer rights protection education and publicity activities in 2022.The promotion activities to financial consumer eight big power, telecom and Internet to prevent fraud, identify illegal lending, personal information protection, rational consumption investment, prevent illegal fund-raising and recognition techniques, virtual currency trading to prevent speculation, rights relief way, guard against illegal agent rights protection activities and personal credit business content is given priority to, such as geared to the needs of all financial consumer,In particular, the elderly, young people and people with disabilities should make full use of scientific and technological means to carry out financial services and consumer education activities, enhance consumers’ awareness of risk prevention and risk identification, and enhance their sense of gain, happiness and security.Selling outlets electronic screen rolling broadcast propaganda activity, public education area put manual brochures and financial knowledge, financial knowledge advocate sustained campaign content to consumers, broad consumer opinion suggestion collection, each branch staff into the community, business circle, enterprises, schools and other places, deeply popularize knowledge of financial, publicity of laws and regulations,To provide face-to-face, zero distance consumer rights advocacy consulting services.In the next step, ICBC Bazhong Branch will continue to attach great importance to the protection of consumer rights and interests, implement the publicity of consumer insurance to every part of the work, fulfill the social responsibility of publicity and popularization of financial knowledge, constantly improve consumer satisfaction, and promote the better development of consumer rights and interests protection.(li3 shuang3)