Dongan: During the Spring Festival, “closed” city management is more orderly

2022-06-06 0 By

During the Spring Festival, it is the day of family reunion and celebrate the holiday, but in the streets of dongan county, there are still a group of chengguan people hold on his post, every day to do order of the city, municipal, water supply, lighting maintenance, waste residue, the combustion such as management, provide citizens with a clean and orderly city style.On The New Year’s Eve, there were many people and miscellaneous things. The law enforcement officers of urban management carried out patient explanation and civilized persuasion for more than 500 people in the main and secondary streets, which ensured the orderly management of the city and the smooth flow of vehicles.During the Spring Festival, law enforcement officers were divided into four groups each day to patiently guide and enforce the law on the main and secondary streets of the county, the disorderly parking of vehicles, mobile vendors and other situations, and told “please consciously abide by the city management regulations, jointly maintain the good image of Dongan.”The city is clean and beautiful, and the streets are free from dust. The city greening service center strengthens and supervises the cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of the main and secondary streets of the county seat, around the market, public toilets, transfer stations and garbage dumps. In particular, after the holiday, the sanitation workers work overtime to clean up all kinds of garbage left behind.And timely to the garbage removal vehicles, garbage (peel) box (bucket) disinfection, dispatch fog cannon, sprinklers to increase the frequency of ring road fog gun dust, sprinkling cleaning.The on-duty staff of the street lamp management office increased the intensity of inspection and maintenance, and repaired a total of 5 damaged lines in time, ensuring the lighting rate of county street lamps.Muck management personnel insist on morning, middle and night inspection every day, resolutely to discover together, strictly investigate together, rectification in place together.Ensure the county streets without muck pollution.Maintenance of municipal facilities in time after the discovery of municipal facilities damaged, the staff of the first time repair.Total maintenance of tongxin road, jianshe road sewer cover 2.County water company staff on the east station resettlement room, water plant pump room, construction road, Longxi road and other 5 damaged water pipes for emergency repair, to ensure that the county water supply stable.