Beijing: Control the number and number of family and friends gatherings during the Spring Festival to reduce the risk of the spread of the virus

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In February, the city is cold and dry, which is in the high incidence period of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas explosion and other accidents. This year, more people will spend the New Year in Beijing than in previous years, and the risk of related accidents is prominent.It is suggested that the general public should continue to do a good job in winter fire prevention, gas poisoning prevention, gas leakage prevention work, long time to leave the residence, office to cut off the gas source, power supply, timely cleaning combustible heap.To pay special attention to the home gas cookers, electrical equipment, the use of coal fire facilities security, eliminate accident hidden danger, open a window ventilated, on a regular basis to keep the air is fresh, it is forbidden to use steel drum, the brazier burning coal, charcoal burner heating, it is strictly prohibited in the case of unattended for a long time to use electric heating, gas equipment, it is strictly prohibited in the public area such as building evacuation passageway and stairwells park electric bicycle or charging for it.The public in the outdoor should strictly implement the whole city, the whole time of fireworks and firecrackers ban provisions, in the forest area is strictly prohibited all illegal use of fire, to prevent the occurrence of forest fires.With the coming of the Spring Festival, the festive atmosphere of the city is strong, and citizens have a strong desire to play and party, and the related security risks are rising.The general public is advised to reduce unnecessary movement of people and gathering activities, limit the number and number of family and friends gatherings, and pay attention to work and rest, regular work and rest, and a balanced diet during the holidays to strengthen their resistance and reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic.Citizens visiting public places such as parks, commercial complexes, ice and snow venues should strictly implement epidemic prevention measures and abide by safety regulations, and try to avoid entering crowded areas or participating in amusement programs with many tourists.In crowded passages, staircases, entrances and exits, pay attention to the movements of people around you, keep a safe distance, slow down and pay attention to your feet to prevent safety accidents.Since late January, the city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens have entered the winter vacation, children, teenagers alone at home, alone to go out more opportunities.The general public should strengthen children’s safety education and care, timely stop unsafe behavior, improve children’s safety awareness and self-protection ability.Home electrical appliances, wires, knives, fire and other dangerous items as far as possible in the children can not touch the location, balcony, bay window and other areas to do a good job of protection in advance.When minors go out alone, they should report important information such as destination, companion and return time to their parents in a timely manner. They should not talk with strangers, ride in vehicles of strangers, stay or play in dangerous areas such as construction sites, tracks, transformers and parking lots, and do not engage in dangerous behaviors such as skating on wild ice.In February, there is more rain and snow in the city. During the Spring Festival, people visit relatives and friends and play more frequently, which increases the risk of traffic accidents.The general public should strictly abide by the traffic rules, strictly prohibit drunk driving, overloading passengers, speeding, fatigue driving, as far as possible to avoid driving at night.Pay attention to the weather forecast and real-time traffic information before going out, arrange the trip reasonably, try to avoid adverse weather and peak traffic.When driving on the highway, keep a safe distance between vehicles and do not intersperse or occupy the emergency lane at will in the case of traffic congestion.In yanqing, Miyun, Huairou and other mountain sections, pay special attention to the icing situation, pay attention to the right side of the road, do not pass, overtaking, parking.In February, the city’s low temperature, wind and other adverse weather effects still exist, operators are prone to loose mind, concentration and other “post-holiday syndrome”, equipment after a period of downtime or maintenance, operation safety risk has risen.Production and business operation units of the whole city should strictly implement the main responsibility of production safety, strengthen post-holiday safety education, investigation and management of hidden dangers and on-site monitoring, do a good job in the safety guarantee work of the resumption of work, and actively prevent the occurrence of production safety accidents.Source: Beijing Emergency