Real red Flag H9, length of 5137mm, 309,800, the aura is as good as Mercedes Benz BMW

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For executive cars, consumers tend to choose Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6L. If you pay attention to the sales volume of cars, you will find that these three cars firmly occupy the top three positions in the sales volume of medium and large cars in China.Audi A6L, the most favorable one, can easily achieve a monthly sales level of more than ten thousand.BMW 5 Series sports appearance coupled with excellent handling, is also trusted by young users;Mercedes-benz E-Class offers two design styles, no matter the logo or the sport version, the aura brought by the logo is self-evident.And the model introduced in this issue can definitely represent the Chinese brand, this car is red Flag H9.Positioning in large cars, but the starting price as long as 309,800 yuan, obviously has a lower threshold.Although the 3.0T V6 engine carried by the top-matching model has a certain gap in horsepower adjustment compared with 3.0T of Audi A6L 55TFSI, the price of the entry-level Zhilian Qi Chang version is 459,800 yuan, which is more attractive than competing products.Top match version uses four layout, exalted feeling all of a sudden had.This issue takes the 2022 3.0T Zhilian Qi Chang edition as an example to see how it performs.Appearance is the most important part of this level, this price consumers, not only to show a sense of luxury, aura is also particularly important.With its broad, flat front and large waterfall centernet, and plenty of chrome-plated trim, the 56E certainly looks impressive.The front and rear light sets are all through-through, and the near and far light also adopts the matrix effect. In addition, the welcome light outside the car makes the lighting effect highly identifiable.In this picture, the car body adopts double color, which reminds people of Maybach.Come to the side of the car can see C pillar large slip back modeling, electric telescopic door handle, grade sense.Car interior materials has always been more honest than joint venture car with price, and the red flag as a luxury brand of China’s independent brands, and H9 as the brand’s flagship model, interior can come into contact with the part of the natural is a soft material, at the same time, use different color wood grain decoration, luxury compared mercedes-benz e-class feeling a bit.In terms of sense of science and technology, 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and 12.3-inch central control screen are standard parts of the whole system.Online navigation uses Amap, watching videos on IQiyi, listening to music on Kuwo, and supporting the Internet of cars and remote upgrades.There is no doubt that the rear seat space is the most important part of this level of users, hongqi H9 body length, width and height of 5137/1904/1493mm, wheelbase 3060mm.This size is not inferior to 56E in the same level. Compared with legroom, the appearance of sliding back has little influence on head space. Sitting in the back row with height of 183cm will not feel the head space oppression.As the second top part of the whole system, the front and back seats of hongqi H9 are equipped with functions of heating, ventilation and massage. The whole system is equipped with BOSE sound raising system and active noise reduction function.The whole car is covered with double glass, which has better soundproof and calm performance. The interior atmosphere lamps have 253 color adjustment effect, and the seat material is Nappa leather, which is inferior to the horizontal competitors.In terms of power, Hongqi H9 provides two power specifications of 2.0T and 3.0T V6.The 2.0t engine has a maximum power of 185kW, a maximum horsepower of 252Ps, and a maximum torque of 380N·m. It matches the 7-gear dual clutch. Such power parameters have small advantages compared with 2.0t of competing products.And 3.0t V6 supercharged engine power adjustment is conservative, maximum power 208kW, maximum horsepower 283Ps, maximum torque 400N·m, zero hundred acceleration 7.1 seconds.Combined with the positioning of the product, Hongqi H9 is more comfortable orientation, power is second;3.0T version of the standard air suspension (double fork arm + multi-link), for driving texture is also particularly important.In 2021, the annual cumulative sales volume of Hongqi H9 is 33,658 units, which is really not too high in the market segment. There is no way out. The brand influence of Benz, BMW and Audi in the domestic market is too strong.But from the point of view of the product, red Flag H9 has a lower price threshold, whether compared with the mainstream 56E, or compared with Cadillac CT6, Volvo S90, product price, appearance factors, interior design style, including the adjustment of mechanical quality have no small advantage.In fact, it is not difficult to find that in the second-line luxury brand market, the sales of red flag compared to the past has been a huge improvement, if it cannot represent The Chinese brand to challenge the global market, who can carry this important task?