Jiangsu Internet police have cracked a case of “unsealing human face”

2022-06-05 0 By

With the rapid development of the Internet, artificial intelligence technology is increasingly widely used, and biometric authentication has gradually become one of the mainstream authentication methods.As a kind of biometric recognition technology, face recognition has the advantages of intuitiveness and high user acceptance, so it has become a hot research and application in the field of identity authentication.However, criminals will also reach into the face data, recently, Jiangsu network security heavy-handed attack, knocked off a “face unsealed” assault public criminal gang.Case review according to “net net 2022” special operation work deployment, February 23 this year, jiangsu changzhou Internet police solve together “face unlock” cases of infringement of citizens’ personal information, in changzhou local captured the criminal suspect jeong tianjin and so on 4 people, destroying an illegal “face unlock” criminal dens, and seized the citizens’ personal information involved more than 10000 sets,Twenty-one mobile phones and computers were involved.After investigation, since July 2021, zheng and other four suspects began to engage in illegal QQ account unsealing activities.They purchased a large number of citizen id numbers, portrait photos and dynamic face images through overseas chat software, and then contacted customers on QQ and wechat to receive orders. They provided unsealing services for QQ, which was suspected of illegal crimes such as electric fraud and online gambling, and made illegal profits of more than 100,000 yuan.At present, the four suspects involved in the crime have all been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is being further investigated.Police warned in recent years, using the Internet to sell and use of citizens’ personal information has become one of the most important aspects of the “grey black industry chain”, as a result, the police remind: the masses in foreign provide id card number, face images need to be treated carefully, in the use of small software identity authentication, network real-name loan lending vigilance, is deceived to prevent, avoid the leakage of personal information.Each APP, network service providers in the collection and use of personal information shall follow the principle of legal, proper, necessary and open, shall not collect services has nothing to do with personal information, technical measures and other necessary measures shall be taken to ensure that the collection of personal information security, shall not take the initiative to provide outward, also want to prevent information disclosure, was damaged or lost.Electronic marketing, online marketing and other employees who use other people’s information should pay attention to information sources and channels when obtaining or using other people’s information, and avoid touching the legal red line.Alarm bells ringing, violators must be prosecuted!!