How can parents protect their children’s painting imagination?

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How can parents protect their children’s painting imagination?Childhood painting has unique characteristics, is a way for children to express emotions, feelings and understanding of things, it reflects children’s awareness of the world around them.Many parents have not received professional painting education, do not know whether their children’s painting is good or not, do not know how to appreciate.A child’s painting is quite different from that of an adult.The works that adults love and enjoy have completely different meanings from the performances of children, so it is not appropriate to judge and evaluate children’s works from the perspective of adults.So, how can parents protect children’s painting imagination?How to instruct children?How can parents protect their children’s painting imagination?A happy and relaxed state of mind can give full play to children’s subjective initiative and creativity, achieve the unity of conscious and unconscious, and fully tap the potential of learning;Decorate in mobile room so, on the adornment of metope, want to notice the hyperbole of imago, of picture lifelike, the contrast of color, and the interest of children.Because of their sense of beauty, children develop a strong interest in new things.Two, by all means avoid to good or bad on children’s paintings children’s paintings can not be judged by good or bad, let alone with similar psychoanalysis to judge children’s personality, it is meaningless.Like crying and laughing, children doodle as a way to express their emotions.A painting used by children to express their feelings and thoughts, although his technology is not mature, but he uses this free method to express his desire and joy, this is the fun of expression.How can parents protect their children’s painting imagination?Three, with the way of “listening” to communicate with children so how to communicate with children on painting?The purpose of children’s painting is not to “see”, but to “hear”, that is to say, children’s painting needs to “hear” to understand.In children’s eyes, only when they “hear” and understand their works can they feel the joy of expression and their creation be meaningful.If you don’t let him express it, he will feel repressed and it will accumulate in his heart;If you let him express himself freely in his paintings, he will be very free and open, so his spirit will be well developed.Let little girls have their own space.If there is no space, children draw on beds, clothes, walls and sofas.Therefore, to let the child have a relatively independent space, let him have a sense of home, even if it is a very small place, also can be the balcony, the corner of the room.In addition, but also for children to prepare brushes, paint and other art materials.Kids sometimes ruin their work after doodling, like clipping, clipping, and making them fight. It’s a way for kids to develop their styling skills, and parents should be happy.How can parents protect their children’s painting imagination?How can parents guide and cultivate children’s imagination?Parents who start their creation from understanding can proceed from children’s interests and properly guide them to enrich children’s cognition and enrich their cognition, so that their works will be naturally enriched.Guide children to observe more, think more, find the beauty of nature in life, the child will have creative materials in his heart.These are the best sources of inspiration for your paintings.Only in their own experience, children can draw vivid, sincere and emotional works, and will not always draw empty content, lack of change, a single painting.When children draw, parents should interact with children more, communicate with children more, in the case of children can not draw, guided conversation, encourage children to apply the knowledge learned to their own imagination, make it full.Although the technology is not yet mature, these works can touch the hearts of viewers and make children more satisfied in the process of painting.How can parents protect their children’s painting imagination?Stimulating potential Development It is not good for some parents to interfere with their children by unintentionally setting their own standards.Some parents, out of utilitarianism, participate in painting competitions, complete homework, and get good grades.See the child drawing slowly, help him draw.Think the child’s painting is not good, help to draw.This not only deprives children of the joy of drawing, but also of their creativity.I have seen children drawing while crying, drawing while angry, I ask no happy mood can draw beautiful works?