What are the five blessings of “blue friends”?

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Spring go grassroots | wufu “blue friend” is what?The annual set of five blessings and double 叒 yi, your Fuka set together?Has not yet?Let’s have a look at the “blue friends” collected five blessings for the New Year!Loyalty to the Party, patriotic fu loyalty to the Party, mission inheritance inspires the patriotic enthusiasm of every firefighter;The footsteps of the revolutionary ancestors guide the way forward of the team.Give up small family, for everyone, always put the interests of the motherland and the people in the first place, guarding the lights of thousands of families.This is the patriotic blessing of “blue friend”!To realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the dream of all Chinese people.As fire rescue personnel, always keep in mind The Times entrust, hard practice skills, to protect the safety of people’s lives and property to maintain social stability of the goal of continuous struggle.This is the prosperity of “blue friend”!Unity and friendship — harmony, happiness, respect, and love, creating a harmonious and loving internal environment, a lifelong love of teammates, and the integration of care and help in the camp life, will become a good memory of the firefighting career.This is the harmony of “blue friend” blessing!Sincerely for the people – friendly fu deep in the fields, streets and lanes, distribute a leaflet, explain a piece of knowledge, for the people to solve problems, in the action again and again to pass the warmth of the party and the government, this is “blue friends” friendly fu!Good luck comes at a moment’s call, can fight, the battle will win.As a fire rescue mobile team, stand every sentry, train every day, do a good job of combat readiness every day, complete every task, temper the fighting spirit of “dare to go on the mountain, dare to break into the sea of fire”, shine on their own posts, realize their life value.This is the dedication of blue Friend!Blue friend’s five blessings have been collected, during which there are laughter and tears, strength and warmth, loss and gain.Forget your regrets and complaints, and keep moving forward on your new journey.Let us together, make New Year’s wishes, set New Year’s goals, together strive to forge ahead, continue to struggle.Happy New Year to you all!Auspicious year of the Tiger!Producer: Li Zhaojun Author: Wu Hao