This matter | postgraduate entrance examination is increasingly “college entrance examination” behind: the devaluation of education and employment just need

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The paper news reporter Zhong Yuhao 2022 postgraduate entrance examination national line has been announced in succession, the debate has been prolonged up to now.According to The China Education Online report, compared with the national line in past years, except for a few majors, the score has generally risen significantly, and some majors have increased by more than 10 points.Compared with 2021, the study of philosophy, history and art in A district even increased by 15 points, while education and law increased by 14 points;A district professional master audit, sports, cultural relics and museums, library and information, project management, art scores also increased by 15 points.China’s Jiangsu net also reported that many students who took the national entrance exam for postgraduate studies have found that, except for a few majors, the scores have generally risen, and most of last year’s scores are no longer a reference.In 2022, 4.57 million people applied for the national Postgraduate Entrance examination, an increase of 800,000, or 21 percent, over the previous year.In 2003, only 797,000 people applied for the national entrance exam, less than this year’s increase from last year.China’s Jiangsu net reported that the general increase in scores is due to the increasing number of applicants for postgraduate entrance exams.Since 2016, the number of postgraduate applicants in China has maintained a high growth trend from a high base.But the increase in enrollment is limited, with universities planning to enroll about 1.1 million students in 2022, an increase of only tens of thousands from last year.According to the report, graduate students have become the “rigid demand” for higher starting point employment, and elite schools are the “springboard” in the eyes of the “party for postgraduate entrance examination”.Compared with the national line, the scores of “double first-class” universities that draw lines independently have increased by more than 50 points, with some majors even increasing by more than 50 points.Cao Taisheng, deputy dean of the Education Research Institute of Nanjing University, said, “In the past two years, the proportion of students who are exempt from admission from prestigious universities has been rising, and the superposition of the ‘admission ratio’ has risen. It is self-evident that the difficulty of the popular professional postgraduate entrance examination is obvious, and there are not a few majors with hundreds of people competing for three or four places.”In the high postgraduate entrance examination heat, the competition among elite schools can be described as white-hot.For example, compared with last year, nTU’s scores in philosophy and education increased by 20 points and 35 points respectively.Among professional degrees, scores in publishing, social work, applied psychology, stomatology and nursing increased by 15 to 20 points.Southeast University academic degrees in education, law and professional degrees in education, master of International Chinese education, etc., scores increased between 25 and 30 points.Chen Zhiwen, member of the Academic committee of China Education Development Strategy Association, recently published an analysis of the popularization of higher education, bringing the relative devaluation of academic qualifications.Nowadays, graduate degree is becoming more and more the threshold for entry.Can say, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind at present, had become the preconditions of social competition and screening.Previously, the college entrance examination was responsible for this function, but after the popularization of higher education, the pressure of pre-selection gradually shifted to the postgraduate entrance examination.Chen Zhiwen thinks, nowadays, “excellent = read graduate student” concept has more and more market, take one’s postgraduate entrance examination more and more “hot”, also become the fact “two college entrance examination” day by day.However, after all, postgraduates are not ordinary higher education, but high-level talent training.In reality, too many students and parents regard graduate school as a higher level of university.All of a sudden, suitable and unsuitable students poured in.According to the commentary, the number of college graduates in 2022 is expected to be 10.76 million, with 4.57 million applying for the postgraduate entrance exam, a ratio of nearly two to one.The article believes that it is not difficult to imagine that the postgraduate entrance examination is moving towards a “college entrance examination”, which has become a must-pass for many students. The postgraduate entrance examination is becoming a common “life planning”.The article said, needless to say, the emergence of this situation is the result of talent market conduction.The number of highly educated talents has pushed the threshold of job hunting higher and higher, so students can only compete for postgraduate entrance examination.Graduate education is becoming less about “academic research” and more about getting a job.Postgraduate entrance exam students refer to the entrance exam as “going ashore”, which vividly shows that the entrance exam is a kind of rigid necessity — to ride the waves and land safely, rather than for leisurely academic interest.As China Education Online reports, everyone is a college student, so employers look at where you graduated from.Everyone is graduate student, unit of choose and employ persons cares you not only is the graduate student of which school, still care about your undergraduate course is which school.This is the brutal social screening, the devaluation of education is so step by step to achieve.Under the background of the increasing number of recruits, it is more and more difficult to solve the problem of employment by postgraduate education through postgraduate entrance examination, and postgraduate students have lost their label value.”Graduate enrollment is for university research, not undergraduate or junior college training, still less compulsory education. Is it possible for everyone to go to graduate school?Do you need it?”This article points out that it is urgent to explore the future classified examination and training of graduate students, and to promote the diversification and characteristic development of graduate education.Only when the admission and training of graduate students are properly integrated, can the quality of graduate education and the “gold content” of graduate degrees be truly guaranteed, so that the postgraduate entrance examination is no longer the victim of “academic devaluation”.In response to questions such as “do we need so many graduate students?”, the guangming article said that it is difficult to quantify precisely after all.What is certain, however, is that graduate enrollment is unlikely to expand indefinitely, and a new round of “degree inflation” caused by the pursuit of enrollment is meaningless. If aggregate demand does not change, there will also be a new “in-enrollment” index.The current situation of postgraduate entrance examination should be seen as a signal of the job market, and society should find ways to stimulate economic vitality and expand the employment scale to accommodate high-quality talents.The article stressed that where college students come from and where they go remains a key indicator of how society works and should be placed at the forefront of policy making.In the opinion of Chen Zhiwen, a member of the academic committee of the China Society for Education Development Strategy, the adoption of the national college entrance examination for postgraduates is caused by complex social reasons, which cannot be solved by the education department alone. Changing the employment standard based on academic qualifications is fundamental.However, it is urgent to strengthen the reform of enrollment examination, curb the trend of excessive exam-oriented, and ensure and improve the quality of graduate enrollment.He noted that under the current circumstances, it may be easier to implement and practical to extend the system, given the different national conditions and cultures.However, this more scientific reform has not been expanded in recent years because of the controversy over the influence of fairness and fairness on the proportion of students who are excluded from admission.Chen Zhiwen analysis Chen, take one’s postgraduate entrance examination more and more “inside volume” behind, it is the trend that social competition leads to take one’s postgraduate entrance examination with each passing day “the college entrance examination changes”.The reform of the enrollment system can reverse this trend to a certain extent, and the fundamental solution needs to return to the level of social competition and evaluation.Responsible Editor: Wang Jun Photo editor: Jiang Lidong