In 2012, a 28-year-old man from Heilongjiang province caught a teenager who fell from a building with his bare hands. His parents knelt down in gratitude

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There is a line in The song of heroes that says, “The road shouts at the sight of injustice, and it is time to strike”, which can be said to point out a very important beautiful quality of heroes, that is, to fight bravely.Nowadays, there are not a few heroes like this, some jump into a river just to save a child who accidentally fell into the river, some chase after someone just to help them retrieve a bag stolen by a thief, some forget life and death and fight with a gangster who committed public murder.It is because of such heroes that the society is more secure.In the winter of 2012, there was such a young man in Heilongjiang province. When a 15-year-old boy accidentally fell from a building, he stretched out his arms to catch the heavy life and regained hope from the hands of death.After the rescue, the boy’s parents, out of unspeakable gratitude, knelt down in the hospital to thank him.He is Xie Shangwei, an ordinary and great worker.Xie Shangwei young accident fell, Shangwei Xie Shangwei, was born in August 1984 in Shuangcheng city, Heilongjiang Province, an ordinary family, later married, and went to Guangzhou to work, when the festival will go back home.On January 27, 2012, the fifth day of the traditional Lunar calendar, Xie borrowed a van to pay New Year’s greetings to the elders of his family. After returning home, he planned to go to the railway station to buy a train ticket for the ninth day back to Guangzhou.In traditional customs, the fifth day of the lunar calendar is commonly known as “Po Wu”, which means eating dumplings and setting off firecrackers.Fu’s mother, who lived in the same community as Xie Shangwei’s family, was making dumplings in the kitchen. Fu’s father had gone to the pharmacy downstairs to buy medicine. Fu Jiawei, his 15-year-old son, was playing with firecrackers on the windowsill of his bedroom alone.The fu family lived on the fifth floor, and there was no fence outside the window. When Fu Jiawei put the firecrackers out of the window and prepared to light the fuse, he accidentally turned out the window.Just in time, Fu clung to the window ledge with his hands and screamed for help in fear.Xie Shangwei is busy in the kitchen after the mother heard her son’s cry for help ran in, when she saw her son’s body hanging out of the window, she was scared, quickly ran to hold his son’s hand.Fu jiawei is a 15-year-old boy, weighing at least 110 kilograms. Fu’s mother could not pull her son out by herself, but could only feel her son’s hand slipping from his hand, so they both cried for help in desperation.Xie Shangwei returned to the community in the cold wind, when he heard the voice looked up, he saw such a breathtaking picture, but also recognized the two people struggling in the window on the fifth floor is the mother and son.Pay mother also saw Xie Shangwei at this time, in her eyes Xie Shangwei is the only hope, so pay mother with a cry to the downstairs Xie Shangwei shouted, begged him to pick up the child.Xie Shangwei desperate, Xie Shangwei is going to climb to the fourth floor from the window to pick up people, but he quickly judged that the two people in front of him to climb to the fourth floor, so he ran to the window is facing the downstairs, and put a parked motorcycle away.At the moment when he stretched out his hands on his back, fu mother and son’s finger hook that point was also pulled off, Fu Jiawei fell directly, hard hit Xie Shangwei.Later, xie Shangwei recalled that he was only aware of a huge force hitting him. Instantly he felt his stomach bulge and his heart contract. Soon his eyes went black and he fell into a coma.Xie Shangwei was surrounded by many neighbors heard cries for help, but ran out to see the moment only to see the child fell down, we all hurriedly ran downstairs to see.Lu Mingbo ran downstairs to see his brother-in-law Xie Shangwei fainted to the ground scene, he helped Xie Shangwei kept calling, after a few minutes of talent leisurely to wake up.At this time, Xie Shangwei, not only down jacket zipper head was shaken fly, wrist watch two small needles are missing.Two meters away, Fu Jiawei was covered with blood, was groaning arm pain, Xie Shangwei consciousness is still in a daze, the body is unable to move, but he still managed to let the people holding him to see the child, in pay mother ready to call 120 ambulance, Xie Shangwei also said to call a van to send Fu Jiawei to the hospital.Fu Jiawei Shangwei true hero, kindness for years after the Shuangcheng emergency center received xie Shangwei and Fu Jiawei, the first time to arrange the examination, the results show that Fu Jiawei has slight intracranial bleeding, skull and left wrist fracture, fortunately is not life-threatening.Xie Shangwei’s injury is not very serious, only the waist sprain and coccyx a few scratches, action is not very convenient for the time being.The doctor sighed that it was a miracle, because according to the calculation of netizens, about 110 pounds of Fu Jiawei fell from the five floor high, Xie Shangwei’s arm is almost under the weight of nearly nine hundred pounds, such a strong impact, two people were saved, is lucky in the misfortune.Xie Shangwei and his family Xie Shangwei woke up in pain. Standing in front of the hospital bed was his parents’ wife who rushed over after hearing that he had an accident. As the saying goes: “Care is chaos.”Xie Shangwei’s parents saw him wake up, the face is a scolding, nothing more than to say in case of an accident how to do, but calm down after the family can understand Xie Shangwei’s approach.Pay father also rushed to the hospital after receiving a phone call from his wife, that his son’s condition is stable without serious harm, the couple’s tears are hazy, are deeply understand that no Xie Shangwei came forward, his son is afraid of dying.So pay father and pay mother came to Xie Shangwei’s hospital bed, sincere kneel twice, and took out a lot of money to reward his son’s savior, but were Xie Shangwei firmly refused, he said, “just do what you think should do.”Xie Shangwei, saving the story of falling young people quickly spread, the government also sent a condolence group to visit the hospital, and arranged for them free examination and treatment.Although his life was not in danger, doctors advised Him to stay in hospital for several days for observation for insurance reasons.Xie Shangwei but Xie Shangwei also have their own considerations, he was afraid that the longer he stayed in the hospital, the psychological burden of the home will be heavier, so he insisted on the same day for the discharge procedures.Back home that night, Xie Shangwei was so sore that he could not sleep. In order not to let his parents worry, he secretly took several painkillers.Xie Shangwei’s kindness has also attracted the attention of the media. From the moment he woke up in the hospital, there were many reporters who wanted to interview him, but Xie Shangwei refused.Because he did not know the reason for the child’s fall, Xie Shangwei was afraid that his famous interview would lead to a wide range of opinions from netizens, which would affect the child’s school and normal life, and even cause psychological pressure.It was not until two days after he returned home, with the fu family’s consent, that Xie Shangwei was interviewed by reporters in the evening.Xie Shangwei yourself, since the childhood home financially, life difficult, often have relatives and friends, using the family of baby clothes and so on, so mom and dad have been education they should be grateful to repay society, he also always keep in mind that parents teach when I grow up, as long as people are in need, he will be obligatory.The reporter interviewed Xie Shangwei in the interview process, the reporter also learned from the neighbors and Xie Shangwei’s mother, Xie Shangwei is usually very righteous, is the real joy of helping others.For example, when I was 13 years old, I went to my grandma’s house to play. Because it was summer, Xie Shangwei and a group of children came to the river to play.Suddenly a little girl fell into the water, just when they were at a loss, not good at water Xie Shangwei jumped into the river without thinking, in the water for a long time to save the girl ashore.When his mother, who arrived, scolded him, he retorted that he could not leave him alone.Coincidentally, in the town to buy goods three years ago, Xie Shangwei saw a man riding a bicycle will be a boy knocked down to the ground, the boy fell to the ground crying pain, at that time many onlookers, but not a forward, only Xie Shangwei rushed forward to grab the man let the child to the hospital.Xie Shangwei the man did not move, under the urgency of Xie Shangwei picked up the child and sent to the hospital, the teenager’s relatives hurried to come without money, Xie Shangwei also bought goods to use 1900 yuan to advance the medical expenses.Tests showed that the boy’s spleen had been crushed by the bicycle, but the doctor saved his life in time.After the event, Xie Shangwei and Fu have become a loving “family”, every festival when we always get together to eat.It is also after this incident, we found that the kind Xie Shangwei has been in the accumulation of kindness, a trickle, infiltrate the hearts of I do not know how many people around, won countless praise.Xie Shangwei work outside, earn not a lot of money, a family of three in a long time can only live in his wife’s small barber shop, until a year ago Xie Shangwei loans to buy this house only more than 50 square meters.After this happened, Xie Shangwei boarded the media and newspapers, and many enterprises offered him endorsements, promising at least one million rewards. In addition, an enterprise boss was deeply moved so he wanted to donate 50,000 yuan to him.Although he owed foreign debt, xie shook his head firmly in front of the bonus, which was a blessing in every way.In the face of reporters’ doubts, Xie Shangwei said he did not want to be famous when he reached out to pick up his children, and his difficulties can be overcome.He says he hopes the companies will save the help for those who need it more.Xie Shangwei also said that he only hope that the rescued children can quickly recover from hospital, and he can buy a ticket back to Guangzhou, back to the former unknown life.Leaders condolence Xie Shangwei Xie Shangwei work in a clothing company in Guangzhou, won the trust and esteem of the boss, after this report came out, the boss repeatedly called Xie Shangwei to keep good health and then go back is not too late, at the same time to Reimburse Xie Shangwei a total of more than 20,000 bus fare and nutrition.So Xie Shangwei peace of mind in his hometown to keep the body, when the body is almost recovered, he still went out wearing the down jacket, wearing the watch, did not change because he became the “most beautiful uncle”, “hero” in the hearts of netizens, then he went to Guangdong to work for the life of the family.Guangdong’s living standard is not low, although Xie Shangwei and his wife are working, but the salary income is still a drop in the bucket in front of the huge living expenses.As my daughter grows up, I have to face the expense of going to school.Plus, I’ve been working far away from home, and it’s a lie to say I don’t miss home.For that reason, at the repeated invitations of the Shuangcheng government, Xie took his wife and daughter back to his hometown, where he found a job and enrolled her in a local primary school.After Xie shangwei returned home, xie Shangwei was invited as a “celebrity” to become the image ambassador of Shuangcheng city, taking part in some work from time to time.The higher you stand, the heavier the responsibility, Xie Shangwei deeply understand this truth, especially when he was walking in the street by the old man recognized and was holding hands to praise, Xie Shangwei feel more responsibility pressure.As an image ambassador, every word and deed is bound to receive more attention, their only strict requirements, to set an example, in order to form a good influence in society.Xie shangwei has participated in many volunteer activities before. When he was working in Guangzhou, he often went to some nursing homes and patient centers to serve. At this time, with his increasing influence, Xie Shangwei came up with the idea of calling for more volunteers.After returning to his hometown for a period of time, he and the Municipal Party committee of Shuangcheng organized and established xie Shangwei volunteer service team to recruit volunteers openly to the whole society.Xie Shangwei organized volunteers to swear that Xie Shangwei’s influence is indeed very good, in just a few days, from teenagers, to the elderly over seventy years old, many people from all walks of life have signed up to join the team, the final number of more than 20,000.Xie Shangwei wants to lead this team to do some really useful practical things, rather than using this sincere heart for their own identity, so he organized a lot of offline volunteer activities.In 2017, in order to expand the team, improve the effectiveness and influence of action, this volunteer team was transformed into “Harbin Shangwei Volunteers Association”, which is more standardized and efficient in structure and activity arrangement.Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Xie has organized volunteers to participate in epidemic prevention services in different communities across the country.In addition, Xie Shangwei also personally organized a volunteer activity named “fighting epidemic” voluntary procurement, that is, let volunteers buy necessary supplies, and take the way of door-to-door delivery, to send warmth to the isolated residents.Xie Shangwei and his team of volunteers, in the hot summer, is a clear spring infiltration heart;In the cold winter, into a warm human fire.The greatness of ordinary heroes lies in the fact that even if they have only a little light, they are willing to use it to illuminate others. They are like blind men carrying a lamp at night, and they do not hold back their goodness.Xie Shangwei reached out his arms to catch the child who fell from the building at the critical moment and the boy was dying. He did not think of fame when he caught it, and did not think of hype after he became famous.Accept the goodwill of others, and then this goodwill into the heart of the spark, in the volunteer service lit the hope of others.He’s a real hero!References [1] Harbin News Network.2012-01-31[2] Xinhuanet.2012-01-31[3] Harbin Daily.2012-02-03[4] North News.2012-01-310[5] Civilization Net.2014-03-10[6] People’s DailyNet.2021-12-07[8] Xinhua Net.2012-02-24[9] China Changan Net.2021-03-13[10] China Civilization Net.2013-03-18[11] Harbin News Network.2012-02-28