Dream westward Journey: weapons have no durability, the player is very magical to identify a never wear

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Fantasy Journey to the West presents wonderful anecdotes every day.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!A player’s 140 weapon calabash is about to run out of durability.He thought, “Go ahead and test a class 140 weapon, no matter how crappy it is.”But what he didn’t expect was that with only one weapon, he had identified that it would never wear out.Although gb hit and gb damage, but double plus is very powerful ah.I don’t know what class this player is, if it is fixed damage class, you can convert the meridians into a class that does not require damage.Then you can keep this weapon and use it all the time.Because sell out also can’t sell a few money, can only sell 1000 yuan, still be inferior to dozen a few gems oneself use.A player claims to have created the first Xumi Fairy in the entire server.The baby’s aptitude and growth are remarkable, but it’s only six skills. Is that it?That makes it all number one?But when xiaobian in hidden treasure dog search after the discovery, there is really no more skills than this ruyi fairy, the qualification is better.In that case, it really is number one.The first must have the first row of noodles, because ruyi fairy only one must bring skills, it is very difficult to match multiple skills.And it has a very nice shape after the step up.So this player is going to sell it for $10,000.You can understand the player’s delight after identifying a levelless double ring with a double plus in just three weapons.Anyone would be overjoyed by such a good thing.But when I heard the player say that he was going to go ahead and identify 150 weapons.Xiaobian can’t help laughing.It turns out munitions are magical and addictive.Or as the old saying goes, not afraid you make money, but afraid you don’t play.Even if this weapon sells for $20,000 or $30,000, how many weapons can we identify for $150?No way. The luck is always off the charts.