With the king of gambling daughter appeared in the same frame, Gu Ailing height eye-catching, warm generous response fans

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After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Became popular all over the country and even became the goddess of many male lovers.I have to say that Gu Ailing has many labels such as “goddess”, “hybrid”, “skiing genius”, “world champion” and “excellent student”. She is really loved by Chinese people!This time, Gu And He chaoxin are in the same frame. Although they are covered with a mask and hat, Gu’s 1.75m height and mixed-race eyes can still be recognized at a glance.He Chaoxin in front of Gu Ailing appears some birds according to people’s feeling!After being recognized, Gu was even more of a fan and waved back to her enthusiastic fans.I have to say that Gu Is really down-to-earth, and her personality is warm and generous.Gu Always appears on the street without the AIRS of a star. Maybe you can meet her someday.Due to Gu’s high recognition, she is often recognized by fans, but fans generally do not bother her.Gu will not refuse to take photos with her fans even if they ask her. She will be very happy.For this time, Gu ailing and He Chaoxin appear together this scene, netizens called it dream linkage.We are all familiar with Gu Ailing, who has just participated in the Winter Olympics. She is not only a genius skier, but also a student with excellent academic records. Gu Is going to study at Stanford University this September.She is also a straight-a student at Tsinghua University, but she has an even more unusual status: she is the daughter of gambling tycoon Stanley Ho.The daughter, now 22, was born to Mr Ho when he was 78, and the older woman can imagine his affection for her.Although He Chaoxin is older than Gu Ailing, he seems to be more like a little sister beside Gu Ailing.Gu’s commercial value is really immeasurable. After the Winter Olympics, Gu Became the cover model of several famous magazines. Gu is no longer dressed in a ski suit.Some time ago, Gu posted a video of herself wearing a swimsuit on social media. In the video, it can be seen that Gu has become very mature.Gu Is already 1.75 meters tall, and her figure is more concave and convex. If she is not a skiing genius and a student with excellent grades, she would not be a model.Of course, after all, Gu Ailing’s time and energy are relatively limited. Besides, in the modeling world, if gu Ailing is less, it will still turn. But if Gu Ailing is less in the skiing world, it is really a pity and a big loss.In a word, all we found in Gu are advantages, and we can’t even find out where the disadvantages are.The feeling of Gu’s excellence is not so true and hard to believe, but it is the fact.I have to say that Gu Ailing’s excellent mother’s efforts are indispensable. I believe there are many people who would like to ask how to train their daughter so excellent!All of this, the person standing behind Gu Is responsible for, that is, Gu’s mother.We don’t know exactly how Gu’s mother trained her, but there is a photo of Gu on her bicycle following her during her morning jog.All in all, maybe company is the most fundamental factor.