The 19th day of the Spring Festival travel rush, xi ‘an Railway Station, take a look

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Today, I took photos in the south square of Xi ‘an Railway Station. Just at noon, I arrived at the Fifth intersection by subway, got out of the station to the north direction and arrived at the destination.Starting from January 17, 2022, today is the 19th day of The Spring Festival travel rush, and there is only one day left. It is just the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and there are still very few passengers going out and arriving. Only a few people are scattered, and the maximum passenger flow is less than 100.Shooting at the southeast corner of the South Square of Xi ‘an Station;The south exit has been completed, but it has not been put into use yet. The subway exit of Xi ‘an Subway Station is also located on the first floor of the north and south, on the east side of the underground passage and at the southeast corner.Distance from the full opening of a step closer;The north-south overpass is also one of the railway tracks across Xi ‘an station, a special channel for people, currently in the stage of step engineering construction, according to the construction progress, it is expected to be completed at the end of February, after the acceptance of open traffic.From the east side of the overall shot, the south square only a dozen passengers, waiting here.At the southeast corner of the sunken square in the south square of Xi ‘an Station, there was only one person resting here, and about 9 passengers entered the station one after another.A Hulk bullet train from Xi ‘an Station is about to arrive at the parking lot of Xi ‘an Chanba Station.Two passengers in the west square are ready to enter the station and arrive in the east direction. The south waiting hall of Xi ‘an Station enters the waiting room and waits for the train.It is expected that from the beginning of the sixth day, passengers gradually increase, first of all to the short-distance travel within the province transfer, followed by Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other cities, mainly office workers, migrant workers for the key passenger flow.Long-distance travelers need to buy train tickets in advance to avoid the shortage of train tickets during the peak travel season.The south entrance of Xi ‘an Railway Station, with about a dozen passengers, is in sharp contrast to the first three days of the Spring Festival travel rush, which sees a large number of passengers at the start of the annual Spring Festival travel rush and the peak return journey.# Xi ‘an Headlines # Xi ‘an Railway Station #