“Forest fire prevention” Puding County Forestry Bureau: five “strengthen” tamp spring forest grassland fire prevention work

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, the temperature continues to rise, the level of forest fire risk continues to rise, the fire prevention situation is increasingly serious.For real spring forest grassland fire prevention and control work within their respective jurisdictions, and minimize the occurrence of grassland fire forest, puding county forestry bureau strengthen risk awareness, from the arrangement deployment, responsibility implement, propaganda education, fire control, emergency on-duty aspects, such as falls, carrying out the measures to prevent fine prison built forest steppe “security wall” preventing and extinguishing the fire.We will strengthen arrangements and arrangements.Puding County Forestry Bureau conscientiously implemented the requirements of the national, provincial, municipal and county forest and grassland fire prevention meeting, arranged and deployed the forest and grassland fire prevention work in spring for many times, and urged the towns (streets) and villages to do a good job in the prevention work.Strengthening the implementation of responsibilities.The forest chief system combined with the forest and grassland fire prevention and control work guarantee responsibility system to do a good job of responsibility implementation, the implementation of the group members (leaders) package, general cadres package village (residence), village cadres package group, forest rangers package mountain land, remind the forest chief at all levels strictly in accordance with the “Puding County Chief Forest officer order” requirements of forest patrol work.Organize all towns (streets) to sign the management responsibility letter of forest and grassland fire prevention target with village level in time.Strengthen publicity and education.Practical to develop forest grassland, wild fire preventing and extinguishing the fire and stalk burning propaganda program, to carry out the relatively fixed propaganda vehicles, by consulting activities, using the coverage loudspeakers, the ranger small horn, Posting signs, set up signs, pay widely publicized in the form of letter, text messaging and so on the many kinds of effective improve the forest grassland fire prevention consciousness of the masses.Strengthen fire source control.Deep hidden renovation work organization, urging key forest zone in the villages and towns (street) increased, the level of forest fire hidden perils in key areas, and be prompt in key areas, for key crowd ready to hand over to treat, establish risk parameter, make rectification measures, clear responsibility, strengthening fire source control, achieve the all-round, all-weather, full coverage, no blind area;Requirements in key sections of the additional card point, strictly defend, strengthen the use of “fire code” promotion.Strengthening emergency guard duty.Urge all townships (streets) to revise forest fire prevention emergency plans in a timely manner, and carry out fire extinguishing skills training and emergency drills for forest rangers;Often check whether fire fighting equipment can be used normally, find out the reserve of materials, and timely supplement sufficient emergency relief supplies and equipment;Strengthen 24 hours on duty and leadership shift system, resolutely put an end to off post, leakage post;In strict accordance with the provisions of the forest fire reporting system, report forest fires step by step to ensure the timely transmission of important information such as forest fire situation, fire fighting situation and leadership instructions.(Puding County Forestry Bureau) Editor: Su Wei First instance: Luo Xingmei second instance: Su Wei third instance: Luo Hua Chief supervisor: Luo Shiming