“Don’t be afraid!Uncle came to your rescue with an electric truck.”

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Anxiang power employees boarded the truck near the girl was trapped.China News Hunan news on April 1At 4:00 PM on March 31, a sudden cry of surprise broke the peace of Wenyi Middle Road in Anxiang County, Hunan Province. An eight-year-old girl accidentally climbed up the outer wall of more than 10 meters high. She curled up on the steps of the outer wall and could not get down.After receiving the alarm, the local fire department quickly dispatched, set up a safety net under the external wall, and studied the rescue plan on the spot.But rescue efforts were hampered because of the terrain, where the girl was located, there was only a fence on the outer wall, and the fire ladder equipment was unable to find a stable fulcrum.Electricians were able to save the girl.At this time, the state Grid Anxiang County power supply company electric work class Zhang Jing, Chen Zulong and other five people have just completed the survey work, on the way back through here.After learning of the scene, Zhang jing immediately communicated with fire fighters and suggested using live operation vehicles for rescue.After confirming the rescue plan with the fire department, anxiang County Power Supply Company of State Grid quickly transferred a live working truck, and two live working employees boarded the turntable of the truck. With the lifting of the insulation bucket arm, they began to approach the girl slowly.Five meters, three meters, one meter…The table finally reached the girl trapped position, but the girl was still too scared to hold on to the railings.”Children you don’t be afraid, uncle with electric operation car to save you down.”The electric power employee gently soothed the girl’s emotions, slowly stretched out his hands, hugged the girl and put her on the homework truck.The girl landed safely as the insulated arms slowly descended from the sky.Upon hearing the news, the girl’s family members were overwhelmed with tears and repeatedly thanked the power personnel and fire personnel.The scene of the masses have applauded and applauded, have a thumbs-up.”I was worried that if MY speed slowed down, the little girl would lose her strength and have an accident.As long as the masses need, we will always help!”Afterwards, Chen Zulong said to participate in the rescue.