【 Attention 】 Visit the Red Education base and feel the power of the red spirit

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Rongan County Rong Media Center reporter: Xie Huxiang photo report On March 31, in Rongan county “seven Red Army battle chang ‘an” memorial hall, county people’s Armed Forces department cadres visited the memorial hall.(to protect the incense) taken on March 31, map of rongan county department of military equipment organization staff to carry out “changan” he war memorial “revolutionary martyrs Revolutionary spirit forever “thematic party day activity, accept the education of patriotism education and red, remembering our revolutionary feats, revisit arduous struggle, the communist party of ChinaEncourage cadres and staff to inherit and develop the Party’s fine traditions and solid style of work.Sun Jiankai, member of the standing Committee of the CPC County Committee and minister of human Resources and Armed Forces, took the oath at the Red Square of the Memorial Hall of the “Seven Red Armies fighting chang ‘an” in Rongan County on March 31. All party members, cadres and workers reviewed the oath of joining the Party.Gao Wei, political commissarian of the People’s Armed Forces Department of Rongan County, teaches a lesson on the micro Party in rongan county, northeast China’s Shaanxi Province, March 31, 2019.(Photo by Xie Huxiang) At the Red Square of the Memorial Hall of “The Seventh Red Army fighting chang ‘an” in Rongan County, all party members of the county’s People’s Armed Forces department raise their right hands and clench their fists to review their pledge of joining the Party.Visit the “Red Seven Army fighting Chang ‘an” memorial hall, under the explanation of the narrator, through viewing the reliefs, prints, cultural relics and so on to understand the story of the red seven army fighting Chang ‘an.After the visit, the “micro Party class” was carried out on the spot to educate everyone to nourish their hearts with the revolutionary spirit, inspire motivation, take the initiative to think about things, work hard, and further establish the concept of “I am responsible for my post, the Party can rest assured about my work”.On March 31, rongan county “red seven army battle chang ‘an” memorial hall, county people’s Armed forces cadres and workers visit the memorial hall.Photo taken by Xie Huxiang on March 31, 2019 shows the staff of Rongan County’s People’s Armed Forces department at the county clean government culture and education Center.(Xie Huxiang photo) On the same day, the county people’s Armed Forces department cadres and staff also to Rongan County clean government culture and education center visit study.All cadres and workers to listen to the narrator, the feelings of China has made great progress in recent years economic and social at the same time, through narrating the warning education pictures, everything corruption cases and illegal phenomenon happened in our side and opposite model, education we should JingZhongChangMing heart, always get subsidies, handle affairs according to law and will not break the law, solid completes the labor of duty,Practice the purpose of serving the people with their own exemplary actions.Workers pose for a group photo during a party day activity in Rongan County, northeast China’s Shaanxi Province, March 31, 2019.(Photo by Xie Huxiang) ★ This article is produced by Rong ‘an Rong Media Center on wechat. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and signature!010203 Value week editor: Teng Yi Hong Value week proofread: Huang Yuting Responsible Editor: Deng Xini Responsible proofread: Wei Lin Responsible Producer: Tan Kaixing contribute email 8137886@163.com (text and text) ratv2013@163.com (video)