Xianning city revised parking charge implementation rules!Preferential policies for new energy vehicles will be adjusted

2022-06-02 0 By

Xiangcheng City Daily report (reporter Pang Yun correspondent Xu Xiaoming) from February 11, the implementation of the new revised xianning City Motor vehicle parking service charge management implementation rules.Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city development and Reform Commission, “Xianning City motor vehicle parking service charge management implementation rules” formulated in 2017, has expired.In order to further standardize our city motor vehicle parking fees, protect the legitimate rights and interests consumers and business operators, according to the related document spirit, combined with the actual situation of our city motor vehicle parking fees, recently, the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) revision and issued by the “eco-circumstances and motor vehicle parking fees management rules” (hereinafter referred to as “implementation rules”).According to the introduction, the optimization of the adjustment of the implementation rules, aimed at further optimize the parking service mode, improve the turnover of public parking resources, alleviate urban traffic congestion, advocate green travel.The implementation rules are optimized and adjusted mainly from three aspects: first, the preferential policies of new energy vehicles are adjusted.With the popularity of new energy vehicles, will “hang the new energy vehicle license plate issued by the public security department, parking within two hours free parking fee;Parking for more than 2 hours can be revised to “encourage operators to give appropriate discounts to new energy vehicle parking service fees” according to the normal standard 20% discount charge;Second, further simplify the process.For the examination and approval of the charging standard of motor vehicle parking service subject to government pricing management, reduce the submitted materials according to the actual situation, delete “relevant documents required to be put on record (or approved) by relevant departments” and “parking place berth layout map and site street location map”;Third, the functions of institutions should be optimized.After the institutional reform, some functions related to market supervision were adjusted and deleted, and the combination of “delegation, supervision and service” was deleted to strengthen and improve in-process and post-process supervision and standardize parking services and fees.The revised Implementation Rules will come into force on February 11, 2022.So, after the new revision, what preferential policies can new energy vehicles enjoy?The reporter learned from xianning City parking lot investment operation Management Co., LTD., currently the company’s parking charges for new energy vehicles, still in accordance with the previous policy to implement, that is, within 2 hours free parking fees, more than 2 hours parking, according to the normal standard 20% discount parking fees.