Girl nearly blind, was eye drops caused by the disaster

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In daily life, sometimes the eyes dry, itching, red, swollen, many people are used to buy a bottle of eye drops, eye drops on the surface of the eye, easy to be directly absorbed, the effect is fast, and the probability of systemic side effects is small.But it should be noted that eye drops are not “universal”, no matter what type of eye drops, the drug itself has a certain irritation, long time use may damage the eye surface.If the medicine is not right, it will cover up the original symptoms and delay treatment.Two days ago, 11-year-old Kobayashi suddenly developed pain in both eyes, blurred vision, and iridescent vision (when looking at the light, there is a rainbow ring). The intraocular pressure in both eyes reached 53mmHg/50mmHg. According to the medical history and clinical manifestations, Kobayashi suffered from drug-induced glaucoma.Kobayashi’s mother told the doctor that the baby felt itchy eyes two months ago and was diagnosed with allergic conjunctivitis. After visiting a local hospital, the doctor prescribed glucocorticoid-containing eye drops.When walking, the doctor repeatedly explained, with a week to improve the reduction of drug stop, do not long-term application.But allergic conjunctivitis is always repeated, Xiao Lin mother feel this medicine is quite effective, forget the doctor’s instructions, has been used by Xiao Lin now, although the eyes do not itch, but there was an eye distension, blurred vision, induced glaucoma.Drugs more effective, but also moderate, especially with hormonal drugs, such as dexamethasone and prednisone dragon with a word “loose” drugs, although such drugs have good antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effects, but its main component is glucocorticoid, long-term use can cause elevated intraocular pressure, and secondary glaucoma, also because of the high long-term intraocular pressure caused by the optic nerve atrophy,In severe cases, blindness can occur.Therefore, in the process of using hormone eye drops, it is necessary to monitor the intraocular pressure regularly, adjust the dosage in time, and stop medicine in time to prevent the occurrence and development of glaucoma, so as to ensure the safety of medication and avoid side effects caused by abuse.(Huang Yonghui, Jiang Yongqiang, Henan Provincial Eye Hospital)