The golden Age of Beijing Winter Olympics brings the shock of the world!As ordinary people, we have benefited greatly

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A glorious Olympics let the world truly know China, and let the world people shocked by China’s development!As Chinese, we will also benefit a lot!The Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered the final days of competition, the Chinese team so far can be said to be a miracle, MEDALS early surpassed the previous Winter Olympics, to bring a lot of surprises to the Chinese people.The Beijing Winter Olympics are simple but not simple.Opening ceremony gives me a shock, always lingering: a song, a beautiful jasmine warble, a spectacular sideses water heaven, a spring recovery of all things beautiful performance, ice breaking out of the Olympic rings, rich meaning of the Olympic cauldron, the world community of fate, a total of one by one into the future in front of the world.While only a few won MEDALS, many more participants also enjoyed a joyful, first-class venue experience that left sports in awe.Various high-tech blessing conquered the large number of international fans, all kinds of Chinese traditional food on the tip of the tongue to the athletes when the rise of a wave of live version, seemingly mysterious tranditional Chinese medicine library CARDS, such as city, rigorous safety prevention measures to keep athletes happen to coincide to say here is the most safe, more hospitable selfless dedication of the volunteers let guests was moved to tears,This is the name card that China presents to the world, showing the style of a great power to the world and letting the world know China again!Of course, there are also a few clowns with ulterior motives, such as kimchi said that the food is not good, that the quarantine measures restrict the freedom of athletes, and so on. These voices of displeasure were quickly destroyed.These small episodes can not cover up, this event the Olympic Games to the people of the world to bring shock!Overseas Chinese all have a sense of identity and a sense of belonging, and athletes from all over the world have written letters of thanks and are looking forward to coming to China again.However, as a Chinese, I think the harvest is also a lot, from the spiritual level, we become more confident, more self-improvement, more proud of the Chinese people, glad this life into the national pride arises spontaneously.Secondly, as the Olympic economy, look at the ice pier pier pier is hard to get without me more words, direct fire to overseas.What I want to say is that the hosting of the Olympic Games will certainly arouse the enthusiasm of the people for sports and help the country to become a sports power.Efforts to build a sports of the people’s livelihood is step by step, and according to the National Development and Reform Commission, the latest news, this year the National Development and Reform Commission, the arrangement of the national fitness facilities engineering board, state budgetary investment of 2.1 billion yuan, the support sports park, the national fitness center, the standard of public stadium track to run to, standard football field, social football fields, fitness trails,Outdoor sports public service facilities and other projects a total of 185.Meanwhile, the two departments issued a statement to support the opening of stadiums for free or at low fees.To this end, the General Administration of Sport of China has formulated a policy of free or low fees. With policies at the top and facilities and venues at the bottom, sports for all will have soil for growth, and some sports short board events can still be expected in the future.At least don’t make sports fans sick like football does.I’m proud to be Chinese, aren’t you?Show your pride in the comments section.